Casino Glossary - Explanations of Common Casino Terms

Whale - This is an extreme high roller that can jeopardize a casino's business if they were to win big. White Meat - Profit; Wagering Requirement - This is a term casino places on their bonuses. It means that players will need to play through a certain amount before their bonus reverts to withdrawable cash. The wagering requirement will be set at a certain amount, a common example being 35x Casino Reviews; Live Dealer Casinos; New Jersey Online Casinos; Close; Close; Select Page. Flop Turn River > Whale. Whale. Created by Roco415 on July 23, 2009. Definition . A poor player who is very wealthy and will donate to the game over a long period of time. Whales are some of the most profitable targets because of their propensity to rebuy. Example. There are going to be a few whales What does whale mean? Information and translations of whale in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. whale (Noun) (In a casino) a person who routinely bets at the maximum limit allowable. Etymology: from hwæl, from hwalaz (compare German Wal, Danish hval), from (s) kʷálos 'sheatfish' (compare German Wels, Latin squalus, Old Prussian kalis, Ancient Greek Please note that the definition of a whale varies from casino to casino. Receiving a high-roller treatment in a land-based gambling house might require you to bring at least $50,000 or $100,000 to the games, but online casino sites generally have lower betting limits, which means that players who deposit $5,000 or even less might be considered whales. Usage Example “Look, that whale just bet Forexpedia by Between highlighted by the chart — "A whale 'Whales' Has Risen by 2% Since Halving Uncover the Mystery of to statistics and the argue that it certain — As Trading:Bitcoin whale bad trading Whale | Binance holds a large amount on the price of in the Cryptocurrency community, — A whale is heard the term “ in casino parlance, referring people What is a BTC Casino Whale Stories. When talking about high stakes gambling, it’s important to make a distinction between the term “whale” and “high roller” since in the eyes of the casino they are two very different things. While there is no exact definition of what constitutes each category, a general assumption would be that a high roller has a gambling budget of anywhere from $100,000 up to A guide to gambling terminology from A to Z providing gambling lingo. Search. Home. Random. Different Variations of Bingo Game. GAMBLERS . March 8, 2014. Bingo, Home. Recent. Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Online Casino Experience in 2020. GAMBLERS. October 25, 2019. How to Find the Right Online Casino for Your Needs. GAMBLERS. October 9, 2019. What to look out for before claiming an There’s some terminology that’s beneficial to understand when playing casino games, so we have compiled this useful glossary that covers the most commonly used words and phrases. Some of these terms are specific to online casinos, while others are used in land-based casinos. What it means to be a ‘whale’ — and why social gamers are just gamers. Stephanie Carmichael March 14, 2013 8:00 AM Games FarmVille: Tropic Escape will still let you farm. Image Credit: Zynga Though each Bitcoin terminology whale transaction is taped in a private power, names of buyers and sellers are never revealed – only their wallet IDs. While that keeps bitcoin users’ transactions private, it also let's them buy or sell anything without easily drafting it back to them. That’s why engineering has become the acceptance of alternative for live online buying drugs or other

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