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A-Show Stories! AEW Double or Nothing 2019

Double or Nothing
May 25, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
MGM Grand Garden Arena
In January 2019, All Elite Wrestling was announced as a brand-new alternative wrestling organization, the first with a major money backer in many years. I think one of the commendable things about AEW was the nearly year-long roll out of the promotion. Rather than jumping right in the action with a weekly show, AEW planned a serious of major events over the summer to advertise their product to networks, starting with Double or Nothing, a clear reference to the independent supershow All In.
As many of you are aware, I’m not a fan who was disenfranchised by WWE, but I’m always welcoming of new wrestling promotions. I’m glad they released these events on DVD because I’m a proponent of physical media.
The main event featured a rematch from the 2019 Wrestle Kingdom in Japan, the first rematch between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega. The winner would face “Hangman” Adam Page, who won the Casino Battle Royal in the preshow, to determine the first AEW World Champion. Jericho had a cool entrance featuring an homage to some of his personas over the years. Omega’s entrance was almost subdued, and I think that word is most appropriate for this match, subdued. This is a good match but it’s missing the energy from earlier in the show, and I think that’s in part because the crowd was a bit burnt out from jumping up and down for the previous hour and a half. Jericho countered the One Winged Angel with a DDT and then hit Omega with the Judas Effect out of nowhere for the win. This was a good match but completely overshadowed by the aftermath, with the former Dean Ambrose, now rechristened Jon Moxley, emerging from the crowd and making his mark by taking down Jericho with the Paradigm Shift, giving the same to the referee and Omega as well.
I think the most anticipated match on this show was the battle of brothers, Cody Rhodes against his elder brother Dustin Rhodes. For a variety of reasons, there was no way this match was going to happen in WWE, at least not in the way that these two wanted. This was their opportunity to demonstrate why they wanted the match so badly. The match turns a corner when Dustin gets busted open after landing head-first on an exposed turnbuckle. Dustin popped a gusher and Cody gets increasingly vicious, targeting shots right to Dustin’s cut, and the fact that it’s Dustin’s brother that is being as remorseless as he is sells it more. It’s the kind of feud that the old school NWA was founded on, personal, bloody issues, and Dustin and Cody demonstrate they learned from their father’s work well. This is also the kind of work that is missing in many matches nowadays, work that is focused less on athleticism and more on story and drama. There are a few big moves in this match, such as a superplex, but you get the impression that both guys are doing moves trying to win the match and achieve superiority in a battle of wills, rather than doing moves to get a star rating. This is a great bloody fight and an excellent tribute to southern wrestling. Cody drops Dustin with the Cross Rhodes to win the match. My one criticism of this match would be Cody’s character work. He came to the ring to the adoration of the crowd and really played up to them. He then spent the match being a complete dick to his brother, busting him open, cheating, deliberately going after Dustin’s cut to make him bleed more. Then, after the match, he has a tearful hug with Dustin. It makes him look duplicitous, but as of yet there has been no payoff to that duplicity.
The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) defended the AAA World Tag Team Championship against The Lucha Brothers, Pentagon Zero and Rey Fenix. The Bucks are excellent at what they do but I can understand why they are polarizing. Their matches go a mile a minute and they can be desensitizing. This is fast with a lot of great spots, almost too many to list because the Bucks just have those kinds of matches. It was mentioned that this was the first match the Bucks had participated in in almost two months, so the fact that they work so fluidly with the Lucha Bros says something. The Bucks won a great match with the Meltzer Driver.
This was an excellent show and an obvious watershed moment in wrestling history. All three main events delivered in a big way and the undercard was solid.
Other matches on this show:
You can find the B-Show Stories archives here.
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Letter from Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alt. News to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Letter from Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alt. News to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh
by Laurie Azgard
Note: Image of U.S. Supreme Court.jpg) Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump is a White House photo, therefore is public domain and holds no copyright liability, and I still hold that it is protected under Fair Use Doctrine.
Brian D. Hill formerly of USWGO alternative news had mailed out a letter to Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, a associate Justice who was appointed to the bench by U.S. President Donald John Trump in 2018. Brian had asked this Justice under the ‘rule of 4’ to consider his petition for writ of certiorari, and to drain the swamp as Donald Trump instructed people to do.
I received three files from Brian’s mother, one containing a signed scanned document of the letter which was mailed to the Supreme Court in Washington, DC. The second document containing the typed version of the letter without a signature and is easy to search up text. The third document is the scans of a certified mail ticket and return receipt. Document downloads below the images.
Letter to Justice Kavanaugh Letter to Justice Kavanaugh – Scanned Certified mail receipt, return receipt
The letter to Justice Kavanaugh at the Supreme Court has some interesting paragraphs:
“I have proven my case, I have proven my claims. Under the Local Court Rules concerning civil cases which encompasses the 2255 Cases, the other party in a case has three weeks to respond to a motion or it is uncontested. Assistant United States Attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy did not respond to a single allegation of Fraud upon the Court against him in those motions in the district court record. It is only by corruption and fiat that I lose. In a legitimate Article III Court I should never have been convicted.” Letter from Brian D. Hill to Brett Kavanaugh – dated July 21, 2020
When the game is rigged, I always lose, no matter what evidence or case law I offer, none of it matters, the law doesn’t matter. A rigged game shouldn’t be in any legitimate Article III courts of our Constitutional republic, yet in my case it was rigged from the start, rigged for my conviction, rigged for either 20 years in prison inflating beyond the statutory 10 years of imprisonment or I falsely plead guilty to get time served, my only choices given to me by my so-called defense lawyer Eric David Placke. How pathetic. That is ridiculous. The whole case was a fraud from the beginning to get me shut down, to permanently not allow me to use the Internet to permanently prevent me from operating USWGO Alternative News at, violating my First Amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of press by local judicial fiat. Probation is not meant to help me and neither is it meant to be operating under it’s guise to deter crime, it is meant to put me in the system and allow the frauds to continually come after me and make me repeat that I am guilty of a crime that was fraudulently constructed against me by contradictory evidence and a contradictory basis. A system that wants to end my freedom of speech and freedom of press forever.“ Letter from Brian D. Hill to Brett Kavanaugh – dated July 21, 2020
That is scary what Brian is saying. If he is correct then the entire federal court of appeals of the fourth circuit in Richmond Virginia and the entire federal court district in Greensboro, North Carolina has become a “rigged game” where criminal defendants always lose and can never be allowed a criminal defense. Sounds similar to the claims of Roger Stone, a Donald Trump confidant and ally. That sounds totally unconstitutional to even be subject to a rigged trial, a rigged game. That is like being compelled to play a pinball game tournament and you aren’t given a metal ball while your opponent is given 5 metal balls to rack up serious points against you. You can’t win a rigged game. Even in casinos in Las Vegas, NV, those that know of the rigged casinos know that the house always wins and is skewed that way.
The Honorable President Donald Trump appointed judges and Justices to protect our Constitution, law and order, to punish the wrongdoers and bring back the lost Rule of Law. He appointed people like you to Drain the Swamp as QAnon talks about. We are all sick and tired of the blatant corruption within the DOJ and the FBI and the CIA. The corruption that is ruining lives, causing suicides and murders, and are holding our economy hostage with Covid-19, that is Certificate of Vaccine Identification 2019, if that is even the truth, whatever the case may be.” Letter from Brian D. Hill to Brett Kavanaugh – dated July 21, 2020
As to what Brian said about being forced to repeat his alleged guilt, Brian is referring to his false guilty plea where one of his supervised release conditions of federal probation were that Brian D. Hill must attend a offender treatment provider where he must tell them that he is guilty of the crime and wants to victimize the alleged unknown no-victims. When he refused, they attempted to revoke his probation on that offense of not making another false admission of guilt, which violates the 5th Amendment constitutional right against self incrimination. When Brian is innocent, it is even ridiculous that Brian has to explain to the Supreme Court that he was being forced by federal probation to falsely admit guilt or his probation would be revoked.
Luckily his probation officer Jason McMurray vouched that Brian be allowed to continue his federal supervised probation despite his refusal to accept responsibility for the crime that he kept claiming that he was innocent of but had a bad lawyer, the public pretenders who only want plea agreements. The facts alone that Brian was able to prove to the Court system that Anand Prakash Ramaswamy, federal prosecutor, did not contest the allegations of fraud against him show that his guilty plea was caused by a perpetuated fraud of false evidence from the very beginning. Brian contends that he was innocent all along and was fraudulently convicted over fraudulent elements of guilt that were fabricated.
That sound familiar to the case of Lieutenant General Michael Thomas Flynn, where he was told that his son would be investigated or charged with a crime [presumably by usage of prosecutorial fraud like with General Flynn] if General Flynn does not falsely plead guilty to lying to the FBI
Coercion, false threats, or real threats or even promises are some of various reasons why criminal defendants falsely plead guilty in court according to the Innocence Project [mirrored here].
Brian Hill had proven with the publishing of his medical records via the TEACCH papers that he had a mild form of autism spectrum disorder since he was a child. People with autism are more vulnerable to giving false confessions and misleading statements.
It will be interesting to see what Justice Kavanaugh plans to do after reading Brian’s letter. Will he vote in favor of granting Brian’s petition for writ of certiorari under the rule of four?
According to the rule of four, at least four justices must agree to review over the petitioned case in order for the petition to be granted in the United States Supreme Court. After a petition is granted, it normally will be more thoroughly investigated and the original court records of the case may be demanded by the clerk of that court. Once the entire record of the case is transferred to the Supreme Court, it will take time for the staff of the Supreme Court to review over the evidence, arguments, and any other relevant pleadings or paperwork. After the paperwork and materials is reviewed, the Court may schedule oral argument and may even render an opinion as well as precedential case law which will affect all courts throughout the United States in some way, shape, or form. In some cases the court may order and remand back to the lower court and not give an opinion. There are also the majority opinion and even dissenting opinions which could affect future cases and arguments at a later time. At least 5 Justices are needed for a favorable decision when there are a total of 9 Justices sitting on the bench.
My hopes and prayers go out to Brian and his family. Hope that his hard work pays off. God bless America.
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Followed by a Cryptid

Followed by a Cryptid
Hi I'm Seath,

This is my story that has started from 1992 and still continues to this day.
My story starts in 92 our family had just been relocated to the Mohave Desert from my dad being transferred by his job to work across the Colorado river in Laughlin NV . We rented a house on the AZ side of the river due to it being cheaper then the NV side. From what I do remember we rented from a Native american who went by his CB radio name Dakota I do not remember his real name. CB radio was the 90s Voice chat for people living out in the middle of nowhere. Anyways when we were moving in we could see the river at the end of the road of the street we lived on, he warned us the river is very dangerous at night and if you hear anything unusual just go inside and lock the door. My mother asked like what party drunk people? He shook his head no, He told us don't take it the wrong way but alot of people die at the river at night thinking they see people downing or screaming for help and nothing is there and the fast pace of the river takes them away and do not have a chance to escape its rapids. If you hear someone calling for help just call the police do not investigate , it may not be what it seems.
He just turned and looked at the river then at the ground and let out a sigh, then he said there are thing that walk this earth that cannot be explained and sometimes its best to leave them be. I just stood there being only 9 not knowing what he was talking about and my dad just said ok. We lived in the house for about a year nothing out of the ordinary had happened work, school, church dinner repeat until one Sunday night after church. My dad and I were sitting in the garage with the door open just watching the river and the stars we basically had no light pollution and there was supposed to be a meteor shower, it was about 9:30pm my dad told me to get inside and get ready for bed for school tomorrow. As was about to stand up we heard what sounded like crying coming from the direction of the river and asking for help but it didnt sound right at all. It was like trying to talk with out your tongue and like you had water in your throat, we looked back and forth trying to pinpoint where it was coming from. Then you could see a woman walking out of the river trees / brush. As she walked it sent chills down your spine it was staggered but like it was walking on 2 feet for the first time.
We just watched it walk across the field to the road that connected to our house, my dad stood up and took a step forward and the woman stopped instantly. She tilted her head and slowly looked at us, she was pale covered in mud, brush and water. Her head kept tilting unnatural it looked like it should have snapped but it didn't, we both froze her eyes were a reflective silver as her head bobbed from the tilting it reflected like animal eyes would. After what felt like an hour even though it was only a few seconds it fell face forward with force you heard the body hit the ground "SMACK" and dust flew up. At this point I stood up trying to see where it was, then it just screamed not just from the throat but from the depth of its chest high and low pitches roared and echoed across the desert. My dad pushed me back into the garage getting ready to close it then it popped back up and it was on all fours still with its head tilted and start running at us at full speed. My dad shoved me in and slammed the door shut and locked the inside bolts to prevent it from opening, soon as that latch lock "BAM" it hit the garage.
Screaming and scratching continuously at the door yelling "HELP" and "LET ME IN" then it stopped our hearts pounding then you could hear it sniffing the crack of where the door meets the driveway and see its shadow moving back and forth saying "I HAVE YOUR SCENT" then the shadow was moving to where the front door is, at this point my Mom open the garage door that connect to the inside of the house looking at us like WTF are you making all this noise. She saw us on the floor scared to death and instantly my dad bolted up and ran past her to the front door to check it, the front of our house was on the corner of the street covered my large windows easily could be broken. The door was already locked and he looked out the windows nothing was there it was bright from the street lights and no sign of the monster.
We told my mother what happened she really didn't question it, she heard the screams and banging. The next morning Dakota came out we told him happened, walked the property not saying anything stopped at the garage door looked at the dents and scratch marks then he turned and looked at field and river. He looked over the field and river walking back n forth from our property but not taking one step further toward the river or the field, he panned looking up and down the dirt then stopped he pointed at the dirt said "There". We all looked down and it was track marks coming from the field to our street there were only tracks on the dirt and nothing on the street it must have cleared the street when it rammed our garage door. We went to go look at the tracks Dakota put his hand up and shook his head "don't touch it" he said it would be wise for us to move because it would be back and he needs to cleanse the house and recommended we do so ourselves. He knew a friend in the next city further away and would talk to him to see what he had available to be quick as possible. My parents didn't question it while Dakota took care of that my dad took a new job in the city further away as a police photographer.
I would like to say things were better after the move but they were not, this house was haunted to put it in simple terms. We lived in the house for 2 years, not a lot happened at once small things at first the tv would turn on by its self, after we would leave the curtains would all be pulled shut making the house extremely dark. The house had a fence around the entire property including the house so no one could just walk up to the house my mother had to locks on all the gate, we would constantly see dark shadows walking by the window or crunching from leaves. The shower would constantly turn on the plug would be put it trying to flood the bathroom, towel racks would be pulled out from the wall, and foot steps walking up and down the hall like on hardwood floor even though everything was carpet except the kitchen. But the worst of all was this wooden shed outside it was small just big enough for tools and the ground dirt was so hard it was like concrete no shelves windows nothing bare. This shed constantly sounded like someone coming in and out slamming the door neighbors would call the police and complain, and the officers would joke at my dad and say what is your house haunted or something so we drilled latch and bolted and locked it shut.

We just got use to it and were just waiting for our lease to be up and then we were going to move back to Vegas at the end of the year. So its Christmas eve the last year of our lease, we were getting ready for midnight mass we were at the front door getting our coats when all the lights started going in and out like in a thunderstorm messing with the power but it was a clear night just freezing about 15F. My parents kept our jeep outside the fence under the street light it was just easier then opening the garage door and the gates every time to leave, something caught my mothers attention to the jeep even with the lights flickering. There was something crouched behind the jeep with its hands on the hood looking around the corner of the vehicle, she told me as soon as its eyes reflected silver she knew what it was from what we told She said under her breath "What the hell is that?" as I looked out and saw it we made eye contact it stood up from behind the jeep like it was waiting for me to see it.
As it stood even though it was under the street light it was like it was absorbing the light making more shadows, but you could tell it was the body of a woman/ish the body was a woman with matted fur across its chest pale arms legs inverted legs and hooved feet and a decaying deear skull on her face no antlers just matted hair and pulled flesh. At this moment we were looking at the monster again all the doors in the house slammed shut and a deep demonic gritted voiced yelled get out as this moment before we could react to the house the monster was walking to the front door as everything around was getting darker with each step. My mom grabbed my sister and yelled at my dad to follow, we went back into my sisters room where it had a phone and no windows, we called the police and just said someone was trying to break in because who would believe hey a monster is trying to break in and the house is yelling at us.
Since my dad already worked with the police a few of the officers had spare keys to feed the animals when we left town to visit relatives and such. This next part is from there perspective 4 officers showed up they unlocked the gates and doors, 2 in the house and 2 walking the perimeter. inside all the light were out and occasional flicker making a pop sound blow out the bulb, they said it felt like they were constantly being watched and heard foot steps leading to the garage but found nothing. The two officers were outside and it said it was eerily quite the frozen ground crunching with each step when one of the officers pointed at one of our trees a dark shadow was in the tree and they when they shinned there flash light at it all they saw was reflective eyes. Before they could say anything it jumped out of the tree and bolted for the shed ripping the door open and slamming it shut. from the inside you could hear "What the hell" *Boom heavy running then SLAM* The officer called for the 2 inside you could hear the police yelling at the shed we have you surrounded come out, each time they called out for them to come out the wall banged louder each time you could hear the wood cracking and echoing in the cold air.
When the officers yelled we are coming in we are armed, come out with your hands up, then one last "BANG" then silence they opened the door nothing was there just the smell of rot like something died in there. it was empty no lights nowhere to go it is just a small shed and frozen earth. Clearly they were spooked but it unexplained I remember one of the officers saying this is some X-files shit right here, It was just filed as wild life disturbance not a break in. For the rest of the lease we just stayed at a hotel and when the time came we just took what we needed and left the rest.

This is the house and it is for sale again, for some reason before I decided to write this I looked it up and its been for sell a long time. what still scary its bright as hell and the rooms are still very dark and the towel racks are still ripped out

After we moved back to Vegas my mother was obsessed with the paranormal she wrote letters called priests to anyone who would giver her the time of day to trying to find a way to protect us, we got more crosses, holy water, rosary's on all door handles dream catchers in every bedroom and she got some blessed salt , and salt rocks put on all entrances and windows, she also put curtains on all the mirrors reading info it could be used as portal. A bit over kill you might say but the truth of the matter after seeing that twice i was game and it became normal, and nothing happened for years until 2003 7 years later.
In this time my mothers health was greatly fading and could not take the heat with constant migraines that followed, so we moved to Douglas county much cooler and close to the mountains. At this point Im working my sister stayed in Vegas starting her life, I could have done the same but with what my mother was going through I didn't want to leave her to deal with this. As time went on she began walking around the house at all hours of the night arguing with shadows in the corner and yelling leave me alone. I couldn't see it but with her health dropping the paranormal activity started up again as it is was her spirit and will was keeping us safe and now with her health failing the locks were broken and they walked in the door. I never saw to much because I worked graveyard and slept in the daytime and nothing very strange happened in the morning would see shadows or something in the corner of your eye but that's about it. After some time my mother passed from a Arianism this was her 2nd one she survived the first one, after the funeral and all the family left the activity exploded.

one morning I was sleeping after I have gotten off work my dad and I worked apposing schedules and rarely saw one another, I was sleeping and I heard my closet door I tried to open get up I couldn't move I was locked down I couldn't even open my eyes. I could hear foot step walking up to my bed but they were long steps not short like moving left to right as if it was creeping up. I felt to pressures put at the foot of my bed first right at my feet then I could feel it creep up on my bed walking over me. The air turned humid it was thick it smelled like a drain that has not been cleaned and the bacteria has built up in the drain I work in food my whole life and we have drain socks to catch all the debrie from going down and when those don't get changed out they smell awful and that's what it smelled like or what my brain connected to. As is crawled up to my face I still could not move i was stuck and I;am thinking this is it I'am going to be eaten Im screwed, with each pull forward I could feel what im guessing is its hair on my face and warm/cold moist feeling up to my face then it spoke. The same voice I have heard before years ago back in that garage gurgles no tongue " I Found You" my heart sank I was scared before now and deathly scared if I could piss myself I probably would have.
I pulled deep with in myself and ripped myself up flying out of bed my arms and legs going in every direction hitting my computer chair that was next to my bed and kicking my desk. Nothing was in front of my or my bed I looked around the rooms and my closet door was still open but just a crack directed at my bed as if it has been watching me fling around. I left the apartment when to the hardware store got some chain and locked my closed shut and a board and nailed it across the door I didn't care about my deposit or wanting to experience that again. after that nothing happened again not even shadows like poof it was gone all of it but constantly felt like something was watching me from somewhere and I couldn't explain it, the only place I felt safe was work and I worked at a casino lights and hundreds of people I worked as much over time took other people shifts or sat in the bars after work I didn't want to go home. Eventually our lease was up and we moved into a new apt closer to our jobs and across town and a 2nd story facing the street with lots of light.

Once again nothing happened the apt was nicely lit the sun came in the windows every morning and the streetlight kept it lit after dark it made me happy and safe. Then its about another year and half goes by this is the last few months I will be living with my dad we never see each other and just dont talk that much after my mother passes I felt it was time to move on because nothing happens to him just me. So he went out of town for a month vacation and I was going to pack that month and move out when he got back. I took a vacation as well because you will laugh at this time World of Warcraft Burning crusade was launching and my friends wanted me to start a Blood elf and play a paladin for the guild since I already had experience playing it on alliance. I did we pulled all dayer because i worked grave yard daytime was my night time. I was tired it was about 11pm I havent at night in years now so I didnt even think about anything or my haunting past I hit the pillow i was out.
I woke up hearing someone in my kitchen I look at the clock its 1am I put my head down thinking my dad was just making a late snack that he did alot, Then I snap up he is out of town I press my ear up to my door I hear foot steps outside my door away to where the kitchen is. I could hear clicking "tick tick tick tick tick" Im like what the hell is that? Then it dawns on me, it is the gas stove and the fire has not been lit. I hear a door open close to me and close. Im confused the only door near my left side where the sound came from was the Linen closet. I bolt out into the kitchen all the gas is on no flame i turn it all off turn on the stove fan open the front door to get air flowing again the I heard a rustle in the linen closet and almost a giggle like someone laughing. I turned and looked at it, at this point i wasent afraid I didnt care what was in there I put my hand on the door handle and ripped the door open nothing just cramped racks of towels no one could hide there not even a child or a cat.
I let it air out then I left went to walmart and bought new door handles and locked all the doors shut if they were not in use and moved my computer desk in front of my closet door so it could not be opened. I never used it i mostly worked and just my winter coat and thing for the move. now its about 4 am Im still tired but feel safe enough to sleep I tapped the gas knobs, I lay down and with little effort I fall back asleep. The again I wake up to a "BOOM" and shaking I bolt up and everything is pitch black expect a emergency light blinking on and off from the outside I look around everything is dark, then I stop I could hear breathing behind me I already knew what it was the sound was the same. My bed is right along the wall on the window so I could open and get air when needed so I wouldn't have to blast the air conditioner. I turn my eyes first I could see a shadow in my window, unlike my first encounter I was not frozen I was incontroll I slowly turned my head and it was there the Deer Woman she was standing in the window seal two hooved feet on the wood one arm holding on the frame. The window was still open from the gas and I wanted to make sure the apt was vented. At that moment we locked eyes she tilted her head again as she did before it felt like a eternity this time i could clearly see everything.
But this time she changed again the first time walking corpse, 2nd time decaying deer monster, 3rd time humid and moist. Now the forth time still a Deer skull but it was clean white endless darkness in the eye sockets no skull or eyes inside just darkness a void of all life and light, her hair was no longer matter just long and black/brown fur covers her chest like a fur shawl from the 50s and it was black as the eye sockets and the same fur hooved legs. What felt like a life time she reached at my face Im assuming to grab me, I flung out of bed slammed against the wall trying to turn the light on and nothing everything is our except the flashing yellow emergency lights from the apartments outside. I looked back at the bed she was still there and started walking forward the bed creaked and cracked from the weight the sound of wood to this day still scares the hell out of me. I tried to open the door but i forgot i locked it and my brain couldn't comprehend that i locked it earlier and just had to unlock it was pure flight mode. I just grabbed my computer chair next to me closed my eyes and flung it at the window and crash class broke I open my eyes chair on the bed broken glass and it was gone. I walk up to the window and nothing is there not even foot prints or dented wood a flashlight hits my eyes blinding me i raise my hand to block the beam it was security asking if I was alight we had a earth quake and a gas pipe blew whole towns out. He said did the quake break your window I just said yeah said not a issue they would come back later and get it fix just put up card board and tape it up might be awhile I just noded.
The window was fixed my dad came home I didnt bring it up and shortly I moved out to start my life, and for years I moved around but did not see the Deer Woman again for a very long time. I know the story is long so we will do a speed round, got in contact with a shaman back in the Mohave desert where it all started they I was not alot to give details but got a spirit cleanse ceremony and smudging. He told me this would only keep the smaller spirits away but what has attached itself to you will be much harder I cannot help you will need to strengthen your will and spirit like your mother and that power will protect you. In way I knew he was right when my mother reached out and did all those things years ago was over kill but nothing happened. after years of working transfers moving across the nations from Pennsylvanian to Hawaii I land back in Douglas county go figure right. Im married with children we just moved into town to be closer to my wifes parents, staying with them untill apt was ready to move into.
So at this point like my mother I have rosary's on door hands blessed salt in the windows, and we have our birth stones blessed and put into the corners of entrances and house corners. I dont cover mirrors but I still lock all closet doors to this day. its now 2016 and while we are sleeping with the window open her parents dont have AC i hear rustling outside the window I didnt think much of it because it was covered in black berry bushes and rose bushes whom ever is going to try and break in is going to have a bad day. I look out side the window and the deer woman is looking in at me, I quickly shook my wife she was pissed to say none the lest i pointed at the window and motioned "shhh" she looked and quickly got wide eye I grabbed her with my left hand preventing her from moving. The Deer Woman looked at me then at the seal of the window as if it was looking at the salt the looked back and forth of the birth stones it looked at my wife then bolted from the window could hear cloping sounds like a horse on the pavement fading away. after it was gone the street lights seemed bright again and the sounds of the crickets came back, my wife was shaking me like WTF was that, I told her thats my cryptid stalker i told you about.

She always listened to me and always thought I was going over board but never questioned it she knew I wasent lying. This was her first paranormal encounter and now the window has been opened for her she see shadow people, things moving now she dosent like it want the window closed again but now knows the world just got more scary and is more helpful blessing and protecting the house now. It has visited my wife when I was working late one night she went to let the dogs outside the backyard she opened the door and the dogs quickly nope'd and walked behind her refusing to go out. She was confused and then it dawned on her there was no noise, no bugs, wind, the sounds of cars going to the freeway like she was in a bubble the noises dogs next door were quiet and they never where. She started to look over the backyard she saw nothing then that's when she spotted it, there was a shadow in our neighbors yard under his apple tree. It was the same skull she saw in our window just watching her from the next yard over then it just took a step back and told me it just fell into the shadows like it was water and disappeared and then all the sounds came back. Its now 2020 we live by the mountain side there is no development behind us just empty land, I dont sleep at night to this day still work graveyard. I when I take the dogs out between 1am and 4am he mountains are watching you can hear giggling, screaming, laughing from the hills there is nothing out there Ive taken my dogs up there many times there no way a car can get up there or let alone drunk teens no cans no campires tracks foots prints nothing. My dogs hate going up there so i dont do it, every once and awhile I can feel her watching catch a shadow watching me from the hill standing in rocks a shadow darken then the darkness. I know she is not done with me, but I come to realize that I will be followed for life.
Its like a standoff right now, I know shes there she knows I know shes real and I don't know whats next. I don't know what the game is, if death was the answer wouldn't she have just got me those 2 times I was sleeping. I feel like will never have the answers and I will have to pass the strength onto my children so they will be safe in life.

I have shared this before but in this version is much long and more detailed then I have ever wrote before.
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What A Day: Curious, Georgia by Sarah Lazarus & Crooked Media (04/23/20)

"Why don’t we just put everybody in a space outfit or something like that?" - Stephen Moore, economic advisor to the president and grown man

Mitch Better Have My Money

More than 4.4 million Americans filed new jobless claims in the last week, bringing the reported unemployment total over the past five weeks to 26 million. Faced with those numbers, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has decided it’s time to pump the brakes on any additional economic relief, and possibly force blue states and cities into bankruptcy, reminding us all why he's the most popular politician in America.
In New York, preliminary results from antibody studies indicate that the state’s 250,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus may be just the tip of the iceberg.
Even with unemployment numbers rising by the millions every week, an overwhelming majority of Americans understand that reopening the economy prematurely isn’t the solution. A Politico/Morning Consult poll from last weekend found that 76 percent of respondents felt social distancing measures should continue for as long as necessary. Kemp and reckless Republican leaders like him are ignoring public opinion in addition to national guidelines, and endangering public health.

Look No Further Than The Crooked Media

So far, 3,660 of you have used the call tool on to get connected to your representatives in Congress and tell them that they need to include funding to make elections safe and accessible as part of their next coronavirus package. Keep them coming!
Now we want to hear from you: why do YOU need safer voting options this year? Whether you have a preexisting condition that puts you at risk, or don’t feel safe volunteering at the polls, we want to hear your story. Send in a video to us at 323-405-9944 so we can share your story and send a message to Congress and the state governments about how important this is →

Under The Radar

Florida has distinguished itself as a nightmarish place to be unemployed. The state is one of the slowest in the country to process its jobless claims, which means hundreds of thousands of unemployed Florida workers have been waiting weeks to receive their first checks, and many haven’t even been able to file their claims. The state agreed to start accepting paper applications this month, after its unemployment website broke down under the volume of traffic. Florida’s GOP leaders have intentionally weakened its unemployment system over the last decade, leaving its workers particularly vulnerable in this crisis: The state’s unemployment benefits max out at $275 a week.
Nearly all of the major battleground states in the 2020 election are experiencing higher-than-average layoffs. In addition to prying more relief funding out of Mitch McConnell’s cold bloodless hands, it will be on all of us to make sure those voters realize that this level of economic fallout, and the broken systems exacerbating it, were preventable.

What Else?

President Trump’s immigration executive order temporarily restricts some visas, but doesn’t contain the broad freeze on green cards he announced earlier this week.
China pledged an additional $30 million to the World Health Organization after Trump froze U.S. funding. If the U.S. wants to surrender its influence over a key international institution, China is happy to take up that role.
Elizabeth Warren’s eldest brother has died after contracting the coronavirus. Don Reed Herring, an Air Force veteran, died at age 86 on Tuesday.
Las Vegas, NV, workers have pushed back on Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s calls to reopen the city as a “control group,” to see what happens without social distancing. Goodman said she wanted hotels and casinos to reopen quickly, but doesn’t have jurisdiction over the Las Vegas Strip. Goodman also said she wouldn’t go to the reopened casinos herself because “I don’t gamble,” which is (chef’s kiss).
Leaked results from a clinical trial of remdesivir in China showed it carries no benefit for coronavirus patients, though the study ended prematurely because it had too few patients. Other studies are still in progress.
Two cats in New York have become the first U.S. pets to test positive for coronavirus. Health officials emphasized there’s no evidence that pets can transmit the virus to people.
Scientists in the U.K. think dogs might soon be able to sniff out asymptomatic COVID-19 cases. Labradors and spaniels have already been trained to detect malaria, and within weeks, some very good boys may play an important role in identifying coronavirus superspreaders.
The San Clemente, CA, plan to deter skateboarders by filling a skate park with sand has backfired by attracting dirt bikers. The wild BMX bikes have returned to the skate park. Nature is healing.

Be Smarter

In a New York Times op-ed this week, Dr. Richard Levitan described volunteering at New York’s Bellevue Hospital for 10 days. Levitan shared a new insight into what makes COVID pneumonia uniquely dangerous: Unlike most pneumonia patients with very low oxygen saturation (hypoxia), many COVID-19 patients don’t feel short of breath until they’re close to respiratory failure. That seems to be a result of the peculiar way the coronavirus attacks the lungs, and when patients breathe faster and harder to compensate for their “silent hypoxia” without realizing it, their lungs sustain further damage. That may explain why so many patients on ventilators ultimately die: They didn’t get to the hospital until their pneumonia was well advanced. Levitan recommended more widespread use of pulse oximeters to detect hypoxia early.
Since the op-ed was published, pulse oximeters have become impossible to find, which Levitan says is no cause for panic. (Hospitals don't use the same devices, so this isn't an N95 mask situation.) Think of it like a thermometer—something you should probably have in your home eventually.

What A Sponsor

Finding a watch that’s stylish, bold, and built to last can cost a pretty penny. Vincero watches is changing that. They believe you deserve to look good no matter your budget. With over 21,000 5-star reviews from verified customers, you know it’s stress-free shopping with fair and honest prices. Plus, shopping has never been easier with their sitewide sale - save up to 20% on any of their products for a limited time!

Is That Hope I Feel?

Publix has launched an initiative to purchase milk and fresh produce from struggling farmers, and donate it directly to Feeding America food banks.
Braskem America workers voluntarily lived at the factory for 28 days, producing tens of millions of pounds of the raw materials needed for PPE.
Ruth's Chris Steak House, Sweetgreen, and King Sushi announced they’ll return the small-business loans they received from the Payroll Protection Program. Yelling at companies on the internet works!
A federal appeals court ruled that Detroit students (and by extension, all children in the U.S.) have a fundamental right to a basic education.
Virginia has become the latest state to end prison gerrymandering, the practice of counting incarcerated people where they’re detained, rather than at their last known residence.


Geoff Lemon 🍋 on Twitter: "The Pope being schooled in theological biology by an account dedicated to bat PR is perhaps the best combination of things to happen on this website."
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New thread for intel

The mods told me to make a new thread since the old one got too lit so here goes.
I think Formal goes to either LG Faze or NV. I think Karma might go to EU or Faze. Theres no chance they are a to2 since Formal doesnt want to play with Karma but that could change if they think they can get the old OG league spot by staying as a to2. If they dont get that then they wont be on the same team.
Kenny and Tommy are thinking about offers to leave. I think they would take a move to OG to the mystery org especially if the $$$ is good. Attach isnt saying anything so no idea whats up with him. TK loses their league spot if Kenny leaves. I dont think KOS has the money to match the new org either if thats where he wants to go.
Gunless is being sketchy and I guess hes still talking to Matt. I dont think he would go to OG or the new org without a few bands and he isnt the kind of guy to like the spotlight. All he does is grind cod more than anyone can guess. I dont think money is a big thing to him either unlike Matt.
All 4 of the OG guys told everyone their done with OG so even if crim and scump go to the new org then I still dont see Matt and Damon staying on OG. I know Crim wants out and i think would only have a chance of staying on OG if Scump said he wants to stay on OG. If Scump stays on OG its because OG matched the offer from the new org. I think thats the only way OG would keep a league spot without buying out a full roster from another league team. It would cost just as much money to do that as matching the new orgs offer. I could be wrong on that 20K a month since I heard that from someone who said one of the OG guys told him.
I watched the codcast and all I gotta say is it should be obvious whats going on and that it lines up with my other thread. Crim messed up when he said that damon will improve the team hes going to then caught himself and said "if he leaves or stays." I told you guys they didnt scrim because they were making a chance and crim sort of said the same shit.
The higher ups that told damon to not go on codcast could have meant Holly. I dont know since i dont have his phones bugged. Maybe it was Hecz and just because Damon is mad at Seth doesnt mean he will throw everyone under the bus. Its not like him and Holly are going to be mad at everyone.
Danny is hilarious and roasted Crim for letting Haggy get top 6. I think Teep is mad at the roster for making him look bad too.
I confirm Emmy is Johns girl but i dont know if shes 100% filled in on everything. Its also weird to me if Scump and Crim are to3 with Octane instead of John.
Everything changes every few hours so if I say something it is whats going on right now but might not be a few hours from now. I decided ill only post updates when i believe everything is set in stone now since people get mad and try to talk shit if something different happens. If something is just a little bit wrong then people get mad just like when I said karma was up for 3 days when holly said it was 2 instead. My bad he told me in the lobby he was up for 3 days. If 1% of something is wrong it doesnt mean the other 99% is wrong.
I found out exactly what the tshirt is about. I wont say it publically but if any pro DMs me here ill confirm it. I also dont have beef with anyone and its just banter in my old thread.
I will try to answer questions by updating the OP so stuff isnt buried like in the old thread.
I AM NOT CODBURNER2018MANIA on twitter or twitch or anywhere. Dont listen to those accounts they are fake. I dont have any other accounts I will post on except here with this one.
Thursday night questions answered
Okay so what you're saying is there is 0% chance no roster change occurs for OG or?
Zero chance they stay together now and that should be obvious from codcast or Karma's stream today. Matt also tweeted something.
Karma just mentioned talking to Hecz in his stream. Which would explain why Hecz daughter and Damon's daughter were pictured on HEcz's wife's Twitter yesterday. So there is clearly still a stable relationship with the two, but it makes you start to think that the other guys are leaving OG. This is going to be a long process.
Theres alot of respect outside of between the 4 players. Hecz has no problem with any of them.
If damon and matt go to different teams, who they replacing? So which do you believe it’s the most likely roster now?
All of you are getting your panties twisted when I make a guess so I wont do that anymore sorry
Wait so if karma told you personally he was up for three days then he for sure knows who you are?
Lots of people were downstairs in the zebra bar, the lobby, the restaurant, and outside that he talked to and saw him with the shirt
So what is the team Scump and Crim will most likely form? Someone said it’d be Scump Crim Gunless Octane, any truth to that?
I think they try to get a sub and have Crim flex
How do you get all of this new info if you said that the four guys aren’t saying anything to anyone anymore?
What I mean is they arent typing much in the group chats.
what happens to teep if og ends up with no roster?
He works for infinite which will probably make him still work with GGEA teams. i think he gets a fat check anyway.
Is this investor the same person who runs the Reciprocity Halo team?
idk who that is
And if you were confident in your intel people like him wouldn’t bother you.
The intel is what i heard and is the last i heard while posting it. People went to bed thinking Faze was trading Attach for Gunless and then woke up and it was Clay instead.
Either way this Cod burner dude is stiring up some shit and I think he should remove this post because it's starting to impact these guys life's.
Moves were going to be made no matter if these posts existed or not. You covering your ears and eyes wont stop OG from making a change.
Damon just confirmed the shirt wasn't his on stream. Haggy said everything is wrong lol
Holly also said nothing was happening with optic but we know thats not true. Tell Damon to come here and post that and I'll put the full story out there for him if he forgot.
It's about Formal. What's his deal man? After BO3 Champs, I genuinely got the impression that he straight up hated the others. Nameless has already said that during at least some of IW they hated each other, and Crim mentioned it in an old video that going into the game they weren't even sure if they'd stick together. If the IW season didn't start going their way, am I right in assuming that this change would've happened much sooner?
Matt is just quiet and has a different personality. He doesnt like going out and prefers to chill with melissa instead. If Karma lost that 1v1 in round 11 last year they prob would have made changes. They arent winning this year so they want to make changes now. If reep didnt pull off that 1v3 they might of stuck together.
This is annoying because we all know how indecisive the pros are. They change what they want to do basically everyday. Roster lock needs to hurry up
Yea and thats why i say my intel is correct as of when I last heard something.
Everyone saying oh Kenny won’t leave to cause he’s got a tk tattoo an attach won’t leave cause he’s friends with the owners of faze are completely delusional have someone offer you a fucking bag and turn it down cause your too close with a org fuck outta here
They were talking about leaving while at the casino in the uk
Hey burner could you explain the way gunless grinds? I rarely see him in pros 8s when they are streamed. Do they scrim a lot? Or does he play a lot of pubs or ranked? I've heard he grinds the most but pro 8s only happen so much
He never stops playing. he thinks its fun to have like 1000 accounts at max prestige. (No he doesnt have a 1000 and i exaggerated that but he does have a few.)
Hey man, Ever consider grabbing up "", (its available) and doing this as a means to direct all of this to a dedicated location to capitalize off of advertising revenue generated through traffic?
idc about that...if i did i would of made a twitter
Hey burner, so if Kenny did end up leaving, tK wouldn't have the league spot, but who would get it? How does that get decided? Would the squad of Accuracy Methodz and Fero still be able to be in the pro league?
They shouldnt have a spot but MLG could always give it to them like they did with ricky/col
................................................ Friday morning questions answered. Im only reading and answering questions that are replies directly to the OP. If your question is a reply to someone elses reply then it wont be read.
As for Codburner, I highly doubt anyone on OG gets paid 20K/mth to play CoD. That's top pay for a LoL player. I heard the standard salary for a CoD player is somewhere around 50K/yr plus tournament prizes if any.
Nobody on OG gets paid 20K a month. Scump might have said thats the cost for him to leave OG which would make sense if hes already making 10-15k there.
Any talks about Damon retiring?
not that I know of
Dude what happened with complexity??? Something about a fight with Ricky and Blaztful. I also heard censor held blazt by the neck. Apparently it was pretty serious. Any intel???
Rick was acting really weird and talking shit to his teammates right before a match. He's getting a big head because he holds the old era league spot.
Aint not one paying 20k to cod players a month lmao I think thats the most absurd thing in this whole post. That would literally be throwing money down the drain. Even Stewie2k couldnt get that from Cloud9 on CSGO I highly doubt they would do 20k to 4 players where there would be no return on investment
Scump himself has 10x the amount of twitter followers and way more influence over than stewie2k. Think about how much merch Scump alone in a new jersey would sell. He has wayyyyyyyyyyy more value to a brand than any other american player.
Why is no one talking about the fact that throughout this year, casters and MLG have been going crazy about "storylines". That they want comp cod to be "more like the WWE"-courage. What if this is all a ruse, and when the smoke clears, at the next event "look at OG, even through adversity, they stuck it out what an amazing story"
After all the latest tweets and codcasts from players you still think this is a hoax? lol
So Optic is staying together right?
100% absolutely. They resigned for 10 years. Kappa
friday night questions
So will OG have a roster after all this goes down or are they dipping out of cod?
I dont know what the org will do if 3 of their players leave. They might buy another league team but that would be alot.
Any update on John? What we've pieced together so far is that he's declined the offer from Scump and Crim. Has anything changed? Because Octane John Scump and Crim would be the most OP lineup ever.
He might be thinking it over again. idk.
Or if one of them stays and MLG grants the org a spot. for example Ricky moved as a solo and still retained a spot. It would be in the best interest for MLG to grant OG a spot as they would be lossing a rather large fan base for COD. Obviously fans will follow the players but there are still a ton if OG fans that wint watch if Optic isnt in the league
Idk about that. If OG bought the Tainted Minds roster so they are in the league how many people would watch and support them as OG?
I heard something that the buyout was met but the org refused cause they could in their contract and that the buyout was essentially like a reference number or something like that? I think that was just some random comment though so probably wrong
That isnt a buyout then. A buyout is a set number in the contract that allows the player to leave without the org having any say. Maybe they were trying to negotiate a lower amount.
What if Formal and Karma leave as a TO2 and go to a different team and Scump and Crim do the same thing?
Noone is sure about that and bevils wondered the same thing a few weeks ago.
As of right now, what are the most likely rosters that are forming? Is Kenny going to join Crimsix Scump Octane?
It would be a guess but if I had to guess I would say Kenny with them unless John changes his mind
Will you ever reveal your identity?
Any news on FaZe? Would reep retire if he got dropped or Zooma/Attach left?
It would depend on offers he would get from other teams
You initially said that Trei was moving from Red but he has come out and denied that he is moving or ever was. So i presume it is just Skrapz and Josh to swap teams with no changes for Splyce?
Some teams asked about bance and thats why i posted about him but i think they perfer to move tommy.
Do you think all the rosters will be announced on, before, or after the 7th?
robably all of the above lol
Do you see the team of Kenny, Zooma, Scump, and Crim on Optic as a possible opportunity? Or would that not be doable as it seems Scump and Crim want out of Optic?
I dont see that roster happpening or know how that would work lol. Scump and Crim want to leave OG last i heard but maybe OG is trying to negotiate
Get off the internet and go to sleep :D
Do you think the new org will be a different Optic team? Like the way they have Optic Gaming and then Optic nation? Or will it be a whole new org in general? I dont think the org would be a different team like optic nation and would be a completely different one. Im not sure if its a brand new one or already existing one.
How many events wins is it gonna take Gunless to get some attention from pokimane? Man is OBSESSED.
Just 1 more because that means 3 wins for ww2 so Halflife 3 confirmed
................................................. satuday and sunday night questions.
There's no chance on to3 scump, formal and crim looking for 1 more?
did u saw nadeshots pic that he posted on twitter with the new Vice President of Finance and Operations of 100T ? (Jason Ton) could this be the asian guy OG was talking too ?
I dont know if the guy was asian. I saw him in the car and he looked middle eastern.
When will you reveal your identity? Would it be after the last possible roster changes?
I will for Clay's birthday
So Scump Octane & Crim are a to3?
are karmas top prospect teams still eU and FaZe or have they changed?
He said no on stream so I assume not. Alot of people are trying to put up smoke tho.
Accuracy tweet is hinting at something happening to the tk roster 👀
TK wont let Kenny go since they would lose the league spot and they dont want to bring back Theory
Can you leak one potential roster for us? I wont care if it turns out to not happen later, just wanna see how things are looking so far
So ive seen all tgese pros tweeting someone got fannessed whats that all about and is faze still together?
Is ZooMaa leaving FaZe ????
Octane Crim Scump Zoomaa is what they all want now
Why do you pros insist on gentlements agreements??
Some stuff is OP and shouldnt be in the game at a pro level. That stuff is in the regular game for pubs and MLG is too slow to fix it for the league and events.
Do you have any idea why Crim and Scump couldn't get Gunless? Was there even an attempt in the first place?
Gunless doesnt want to team with them without Formal.
Wait so Scump/Crimsix + Octane could actually happen? Scump and Octane are my favourite players so that would be an absolute dream. I'll support wherever they end up.
Its looking likely. The bigger thing is who will they get for second sub since lots of teams wont let their players go.
do any of the pros know who you are, and are they trying to figure it out? I would think there would be a mad witch hunt for you in the 8s chats.
Yea so im being more careful now. Their also trying to call me fake because their scared about personal stuff i know. If Im wrong then they wouldnt be talking about me so much.
I expect to see announcements tomorrow and one big thing thats not the OG team
................................... Tuesday stuff
What can be big that doesn’t involve og?
Broke an hour ago about methodz
Any news on zoomaa is he going or are faze not letting him go?
supposedly they wont let him go since there arent any subs out there except royalty
Just curious where that relationship went so wrong they don’t want to team or if they are still friends, just need to part ways to refresh their careers?
They just annoyed each other after awhile and never worked out differences. Its too far now to fix.
Is OG still in COD ppl are saying the New Org bailed out on Scump and Crim?
I dont think they signed anything new with anyone yet including OG
Do you think Tommey will go to another team or are there any teams looking to pick him up? Or do you think he is going to full time stream now?
probably to unilad if skrapz gets bought out fully
What is happening in regards to FaZe if Zoomaa leaves for OpTic, and are you not scared of losing trust with players if you reveal yourself?
I dont think Faze will release Zoomaa since their roster would be weird. The methodz stuff is true that OG owns him now.
Do you think people have any idea who you actually are?
yes some know
What if og give formal the chance to build a team and pay for whoever he wants, any chance that happens if the other 3 leave? I know theyre all done with og but wouldnt that be too big a chance for someone with a winning mentality to pass up?
hes already traded to LG for octane
Codburner has been right about barely half of the time.
at the very least half more than you are. :D
So is OG sticking with OG now or still switching
Its unclear until an OG guy says something to someone
have you guys heard anything about crim and scump teaming with slasher and gunless from rise?
I dont think thats happening unless Rise drops players and signs those two. Rise has no reason to sell Slasher and Gunless.
more stuff: methodz was bought by OG yesterday as an extra bargaining chip since TK never paid rise for him LG wont let john go so OG went after zoomaa and asked to trade methodz for him Kenny is stuck on TK even though OG will pay his buyout because he had to tell TK 14 days in advance and he didnt if OG doesnt get zoomaa then maybe we will see Karma still play on OG
............................. tuesday night questions
Will Optic try get John or Kenny again or are them 2 and Zoomaa a definate no?
No on kenny because tk would lose their league spot. He has a buyout but it required 14 day notice that would have been after roster lock. LG wont let john go because then they are stuck with OGs problem of not having a second sub. Same with faze and zoomaa. teams arent in a hurry to help OG.
don't you think Slacked will get dropped too bc Formal and John dont like him I thought? Or have u not heard anything about that..
if they drop slacked who would they get to replace him? Royalty? it would be the same problem OG has with not having a second sub
Did optic ever consider trying to go for Arcitiys ?
not that I know of and I dont think eu would release him because they have backing and clay would be pissed.
lol how didnt tk pay for methodz contrac/buyout before seattle
TK and a bunch of orgs dont really have lots of money. Rise is owned by an nfl player but he probably only has 10 mil in the bank. They wont even give their players raises. my thinking is they were hurried to sell methodz or else pay his salary when they got slasher. TK was the only one who wanted him and was banking on them placing well so they could pay his buyout. tk doesnt have alot of $$$ though and was only paying their players 3-4K. they all wanted to leave after atl.
What happens if if they stuck with karma. But don't want to team up with him will scum bag be a F/A and Crim too?
they dont want to play with karma so i think they wold be stuck with zinni
What happened to that mystery Org you were talking about so much in the beginning??
Everyone that knows all of that got quiet. I think they wanted scump crim and formal.
If you had to put money on what Optic's roster would be what do you think?
right now id put money on scump crim octane methodz
From what u know, if u had to bet, who do u think realisticly will be the 4th? Think they end up getting Tommy or go with a felo or royalty caliber player
Most likely methodz. Their not getting Tommy and i dont know if they would take royalty or felo. Royalty would be easy to get but felo would probably have a buyout and eu/clay would be pissed
Is the LG roster assuming Formal, Kap, John and Slacked also going to change? like is that the 4 players for sure?
Formal is already part of LG before the weekend. Im not saying LG 100 % wont make more moves but that is most likely their roster unless OG wants to give them scump for slacked or something stupid.
So Sam will 1000% be teaming with Seth and Ian?
they are a to3 under OG but that doesnt mean OG wont sell Sam if Scump and Crim leave for the new org. It all depends what those two do since they have the league spot bc Formal is on LG already.
Is karma really sitting out for the rest of year? Personally think it would be a great move if he replaces Methodz in tk. Do you think there are a possibility of that happening?
Noone said anything about him retiring thats for sure not a troll. TK only paid maybe 3-4k a month so he is probably better off staying with OG even if he doesnt play.
..................................................... wednesday morning stuff
Can’t zoomaa just bench himself like gunless did back in eu? Then faze would be forced to make change.
Sure if he doesnt want to get paid while he does that. I wouldnt be surprised if they could also fine him for that. Roster lock is in 6 days and i dont think he'd hold out after that anyway.
Who did they scrim?
EU and Faze
the owner of rise has a 32 million dollar deal with the LA Rams and 20 mill guaranteed. he already made 5 mill+ from a rookie contract
and more than half of his contract is gone. Here is something on ESPN for nba players and its pretty close to the same for NFL players. He doesnt have dan gilbert money. He probably only has less than 5 million in his bank account right now unless he spent none of it.
Without saying too much. I can confirm Karma/Crim we’re getting paid $4000 a month in salary from Optic in 2017.
I dont know if thats funny or sad
So Kenny is stuck on tK and accuracy and f3ro are staying so who do they get as their fourth? They need a decent flex/main AR, and if Karma is unwilling to go because of the pay then who do they get? Dashy? Haggy?
dashy has a huge buyout and is why NV didnt get him. TK doesnt have $$$ to pay the 30K coL asked for him last time.coL is owned by the dallas cowboys and i dont think they would sell dashy cheap. haggy maybe is available but i dont think they want to play with him.
So now that information has leaked that Optic is negotiating for players to play alongside Crim and Scump, what happened to this mystery org that was willing to throw all this money around for an elite squad? Are they not in the running for a team anymore?
Of course OG is negotiating to try to trade for players to make Scump and Crim happy but that doesnt mean its working. I havent heard too much about the mystery org this week and idk if their still interested. I think they wanted Formal too but thats impossible now. Maybe OG is matching close to what they offered to Scump and Crim.
Is there any bad blood on faze or tk since people wanted to go but couldn’t?
maybe but they will get over it
What is the possibility that TeePee is OG's new 4th?
I think hes happy coaching and wouldnt want to play
Is there any possibility TK lets kenny go for a trade of Methodz and like royalty? Since MLG could technically let them keep their league spot if they wanted to.
Yes mlg could do anything they want but methodz is owned by og now and they have no reason to let go of kenny. Hes their best player too.
So who’s replacing methodz?
If you mean on TK then no idea. They dont have lots of money so who could they realistically afford? only maybe someone not in the league like enable.
How exactly do you know that zooma is not leaving faze?
Hes telling people he cant get out. Faze is telling people they wont trade him. OG is telling people they cant get him.
john being forced to stay on LG. Sucks to be that way. How can a player be motivated to play and perform well when he's playing with people he doesn't wanna play with anymore?
John is a fighter and has self respect. Players know if they play like shit the rest of ww2 that their stock goes down for bo4. Lots of people could learn from him. Dont sign a contract if you wont follow it.
By the looks of it optic doesn’t want methodz at all because vision was delayed until Sunday meaning that the rosters still aren’t set. I’m guessing they are still working on a zoomaa trade.
They can keep trying for someone but it doesnt mean it will happen. Idk what they will end up doing.
So if you plan to eventually reveal who you are, why wouldn't you do it now? You've already said that some pros know who you are, and a lot of others have a strong idea... so why wait? I'm just looking at it as a way to get rid of the people that just come in here to shit on your credibility and say you know nothing. If you truly are a pro, and prove that, then no one is going to question it for the most part. But as of now you have people that probably have never even been to an event pretending their best friends with the entire pro community. Either way, I appreciate the intel, no it hasnt been 100% accurate, but like you said, things constantly change.
If i did it now then id be cut off obv. Idc about being first or convincing people anyway. People are blind in denial if they think everything is still fine and the same with OG or other teams.
The new OG will probably be scump, crim, methodz and octane but do you see a slight chance of someone else than Methodz? Slacked just tweeted "I one day hope I can team with replays the goat" Do you see this as a possibility, Slacked to Faze, then get Zooma to OG and give Methodz to LG? because this seems like the only way to get Zooma on OG.
Sure if they decide to go after a guy like Royalty or some random sub. Slacked and Zoomaa are trolling right on twitter.
So your saying there’s no way they can get John, Kenny, attach or zooma? If that’s the case then drop or sell Methodz and try to reconcile with karma. Cause no way that team will work with Methodz. Could they possibly get attach Or they are not selling anyone?
LG, tk, and faze wont let their players go because they would have the problem OG has now that theres no good subs available. Faze is rich so money wont solve that problem with zoomaa. TK would lose the league spot without kenny and since they dont have money that would be bad since they would lose sponsors (just think aboiut how no one talked about them last year ever). LG is a top team and has no reason to trade John. People arent in a hurry to give up their best players to help OG.
nV aren't making a change are they? They have a solid team atm and are a dark horse
Everybody always looks for a change but it might not be there
Very unlikely but is there a chance that OG buys a whole team like TK, Faze or LG and just replace the players for the ones on OG?
Thats technically possible but i dont think that would happen
I know the OG guys went radio silent but any chance Damon/Seth reconcile out of necessity?
I dont see it happening. Its been going on for a long time now.
Any idea what Kosdff was referring to when he was talking about “shadiness” in one of his tweets? Possibly about Kenny or Methodz? I also don’t think Kosdff is the type to trap a player, but I also don’t think he owns the majority of tK to make that decision.
Idk for sure but TK isnt rich. If he loses kenny or accuracy they lose their league spot and become irrelevent again like they were in IW. Something else he did recently says otherwise about him being a good guy
If I was Hecz I'm telling Scump and Crimsix that they will have to play with Karma. Just do it. Play their bluff. I don't think Crimsix and Scump have the balls to leave at this point knowing they won't have Octane, and they couldn't get a sub while on OG. Hecz should play their bluff. Force them to play with Karma.
If hecz did that they would call his bluff since they know if they leave to another org then OG has no more league spot and wont want to keep Octane then. Hecz isnt the real boss at OG anymore anyway.
It seems like there's a major shortage of good sub players this year, everyone and their mother wants to play AR
its a 3 sub game and the best ones are locked up under contract.
Scump, Crim, Octane and Zoomaa or Scump, Crim, Octand anda Methodz? This are the two possible teams?
No on Zoomaa.
Have you heard anything about maybe OG going after temp? He seems like the only option besides royalty for a sub player.
EF is owned by rick fox shaq and the yankees i think so he probably has a big buyout and they dont need money. They also did good at Seattle so why would they change their team?
Funding like that doesn't get taxed like you think it does. Investments into companies aren't considered as income.
Any chance og try to trade methodz to nv for chino and then offer chino and $$$ to tK for kenny, I know that still leaves tK needing a sub player and it doesn’t make sense for nv to let go of chino but og is running out of time and options unless they plan on playing with karma or methodz.
If NV wanted methodz they could of got him before Seattle. 51% OG ends up with methodz playing today.
what was the faze roster in that scrim, because the fact 'zooma' came on to scrim, suggests that he is no leaving!??
same roster
What if he wants to leave ?
Both kenny and methodz are under contract and cant.
wednesday night questions
Did you leak your identity to zoomaa?
he knows me well :D
What if he wants to leave ?
both are under contract and its not up to them
Ah gotcha. I thought you meant some people knew it was you and don't care so they're still telling you. Either way, I'm glad you're doing it. Hate being left in the dark by teams while all this is happening. One of the most entertaining thing for sports fans is offseason moves/trades/FA signing etc. Don't understand why esports make everything so secretive. fan bases would be even more dedicated if pros/orgs let fans be more aware. Anyone who thinks different obviously hasn't seen the traffic this entire subreddit has gained and how much your posts are being looked at everyday. Just my thoughts
people want transparency but get mad when someone tries to give it. OG fans wanted Karma gone for the longest time and now that it happened their mad.
If players salaries were considered an investment rather than salary players would actually have to pay a 40% tax rate on them because their salary would then fall subject to the capital gains tax.
No did you pay taxes last month?
Did you actually tell ZooMa who you were? Or his tweet, as usual, bait?
im silly
If Crim and Scump don't like this line up will they announce FA. Since they haven't signed anything? And have better offers to team with better players?
i guess they could but i doubt it. OG wont make trades if they dont ask those two first.
Since TK is currently without a fourth, any chances they fail to get a 4th and let Kenny walk to OG?
No because they need to have a team in the league or else sponsors would drop them. Every player in the league gets paid a few K too
If tK have lost Methodz, who is their 4th if Kenny is getting locked down?
Probably someone not in the league
What’s the point of forcing a t12 team with a Flukey win stick together?
players are comfortable with certain players. Cod isnt the EPL
what were the two karma tweets about? the laughing emojis and then the 'stories' one
You would have to ask him
Why doesn't crimsix want to play with karma?
He knows the team needed a change and Scump doesnt want to play with Karma
so if tk is low on money say optic give them methodz plus a large amount of money do they still decline the offer cause of a "clause"?
if your talking about for Kenny then yes because they would lose their league spot without kenny. TK could of had Methodz if they paid Rise.
What color hair do you have
Why are you running?
to get swole
scoreboard from EU LG scrim
someone is deleting my posts so im thinking about moving to twitter to post my pix there
........................... thursday stuff
Seems to me like the 3 sub meta is a problem for a lot of teams due to a lack of elite pro sub players in the scene but didn't the 3 sub meta start when pros decided to GA the best ARs? If they decided to use the FG/ITRA would the meta change to 2 subs, Bar, FG/ITRA? Wouldn't that make teams more balanced?
higher chance of seeing 4 BAR meta lol
Couldn't OpTic just offer like 150k for Kenny? Assuming they were going to buy out Gunless when you were on the roster. tK have no money then surely they'd take some money as currently they're left without a fourth as well. At this point OpTic would have the upper hand since they have more money.
OG wont spend that much on their cod team. TK would lose their league spot which means no more sponsors and no more gfuel house. skrapz sold for 100k euros.
What about Doug "Censor"? Wouldnt he be a decent fit compared to methodz?
coL buyout and i dont think they like him
You mentioned in the original post that there were no contracts/contract issues with Optic. Are Scump and Crim under contract? Has Octane signed a new contract since the trade/ does OG have him locked down? If things keep looking iffy with finding a complete team, are these players going to look to split up and join another team? Or will OG just keep going down the list of subs/flex players until they get one no matter their skill level?
with scump and crim its unclear because everyone got quiet after my first post but i know in the past they told people in 8s they had contract problems with OG....something about their youtube which might be why scump isnt uploading much right now. I dont think scump and crim signed a new contract right now but octane is still under his old contract with LG. I think OG will look for more subs but if it becomes a money issue where OG doesnt want to spend then i think scump and crim will go to the new org for sure. i think their in TX right now negotiating.
So all this "new org" stuff you said in your first post was a load of bs?
nope. More pros know who it is and who the guys were chillin with then are publicly letting on.
Could OG go after Huke or is there no chance nV let him go?
probably no chance. hes their young superstar in the making and probably doesnt have a buyout.
Is the new Optic’s 4th Saints? He and the other guys tweeted some stuff that makes me think he may be
Dont think so and saints cant leave the country
you probably have no idea but why the hell did zoomas girl sleep with kosdoff of all people..
Shes young and dumb and the whole TK house set that fugaze up. Their all snakes. Zoomaa said the same:
that got me thinking what is really the adderall situation like in the pro scene? is it all just made up rumours and stories?
Addy and other shit is everywhere in the pro scene. Lots of guys get it from a pro player bc he has a scrip. Mods don’t want me to post the DM screenshots because they like him too much ............................................ friday stuff
So all this "new org" stuff you said in your first post was a load of bs?
Nope and ask any pro there in Seattle even revanjb should know about it by now. Im told OGs offer wasnt as close as the other org but the other org wanted Formal too with that original wishlist with gunless. I heard they tried to get Formal and Karma but decided to wait till BO4 since they wouldnt have a league spot and no team was going to sell theres or had a roster the new org wanted. Maybe L1LandO will confirm if he heard the same stuff.
Completely unrelated to this rostermania but because I'm bored and interested, could you say what unknown roster changes could've happened in the past or even some things the community probably didn't know. Other than that, gotta say thanks for being this open about the intel.
no problem and with dougs leak on sillys stream it should be obvious that it was real. Ill have to think of other stories to post next week but i need to think about them to make sure enough people already know it in the scene and its not just me.
What would you say is the most likely Optic roster at this point? So with Hecz only posting about Scump and Crim is it safe to say Formal and Karma are gone to another team?
yea doug leaked it again tonight.
Ill have to make a new thread for wrap up after roster lock Monday night per the mods request
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Trucker's Guide to When Every State is Reopening

Trucker's Guide to When Every State is Reopening
We understand business owners and drivers don’t have time to sort through all the different news coming out about COVID-19, so TopMark has made a detailed truckers guide to when each state will reopen. Updated regularly, this article will include the newest information on when each and every state plans on lifting or extending their stay at home orders.
The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a massive impact on trucker’s daily routines so we are are here to help out. Check out our COVID-19 Updates section for the latest information as it relates to the trucking industry.


The current stay-at-home order will remain in effect until April 30.
Alabama Governor Ivey said the state needs to expand its testing before resuming normal economic activity despite being eager to get the state’s economy moving.


On April 24th, Alaska allowed businesses and restaurants to open back up in most parts of the state. These personal services and companies must do so under strict health and safety restrictions.
Bigger cities like Anchorage delayed their partial opening until April 27th.
Additionally, Governor Dunleavy has said citizens may visit their doctors and schedule elective surgeries on/after May 4th.


Governor Ducey has announced the stay at home order will continue only until April 30th. The state also will allow elective surgeries to continue starting on May 1st.
On the other hand, Navajo Nation’s government will remain closed until May 17th.


While there is no exact date, Governor Hutchinson has plans to loosen the restrictions on businesses over the next few weeks. This means certain non-essential businesses will be allowed to operate.
Elective surgeries were allowed to continue on April 27th.


CA Governor Gavin Newsome has not announced any official end to the stay at home order. Despite that, the state has allowed the scheduling of important surgeries like heart surgery or cancerous tumor removal.
The state is limiting the issuing of permits for events and activities for the foreseeable future. On April 13th, the Governor announced the Western States Pact with Oregon and Washington. This pact articulates that these 3 states will operate together in their reopening on when it is safe to do so. Nevada and Colorado have also joined this pact.


Colorado’s stay at home order has been replaced with a “safer at home” strategy that started on April 27th. While not mandatory, residents are heavily urged to stay at home as much as possible. High-risk populations have been asked to stay home at all times possible.
Special businesses that offer curbside pick up are now open. Additionally, personal training and dog grooming have been allowed to resume (if they follow social distancing practices). Elective medical procedures have also been allowed to continue.
Governor Polis states that more businesses will be allowed to open in the following weeks. On May 4th, non-essential office work will be allowed to continue. Colorado has also coordinated its re-opening plans with Nevada, California, Oregan, and Washington.


The mandatory state shutdown will continue until May 20th. Governor Lamont has recommended a higher amount of COVID-19 testing before the state can start is opening plans.
Connecticut has joined with New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Deleware, and Massachusettes to coordinate the reopening of the Northeast.


Deleware Governor Carney has extended the statewide stay at home order until May 15th or when the “public health threat is eliminated.” The state has said that opening can start upon seeing a 28 days decline of new COVID-19 cases.
Additionally, the state has joined up with the other states in the Northeast to ensure a safe re-opening and start to their economy. The governor also stated that even if the state reopens, social distancing, hand washing, face covering, and a limit on large gatherings will stay in effect.


The stay at home order for Florida will continue until April 30th. Beaches of Florida are able to reopen if the local leaders have decided it is safe to do so. On the other hand, the Keys will not reopen to visitors or tourism until June or later.


State restrictions were eased starting on April 24th. Businesses like tattoo shops, gyms, bowling alleys, barbers and hair salons, nail salons, and others have been allowed to re-open if they follow safe distancing rules.
Nightclubs and bars are still closed with no clear word on when reopening can continue.


Governor Ige has stated that the stay at home order will last through April 30th and potentially later. Bigger cities like Honolulu have their own independent stay at home order which extends through all of May.


The state of Idaho is currently allowing businesses to operate under certain conditions like curbside pickup, drive-thru/drive-in, or delivery. The state doesn’t have an explicit stay at home order but rather an “Order to Self Isolate” that ends on April 30th. There is no official word on when the full state will open.


Illinois Governor Pritzker has stated the stay at home order will extend to May 30th based on data they have analyzed in the last two months. Some modifications may be made in that time and restrictions lifted depending on testing and tracing initiatives.


Indiana’s current stay at home order ends on May 1st. Governor Holcomb has said that he is going to work with the state hospital association to determine when elective surgeries may continue.


So far, Iowa has not given an official stay at home order. Governor Reynolds did issue a State of Public Health Disaster Emergency in mid-March. This required all nonessential businesses to close until April 30.
On April 27th, the government stated the 77 of Iowa’s 99 counties can begin reopening on May 1st. This includes gyms, restaurants, enclosed malls, and retail stores if they stay at 50% capacity. The remaining 22 counties have higher rates of COVID-19 and will have their closures extend until at least May 15th.


Kansas’ stay at home order is expected to end on May 3rd.
Governor Kelly has said that the state “nowhere near where we need to be with testing supplies,” which could mean the stay at order will be extended. Either way, the state plans to loosen restrictions in a gradual rollout rather than an all at once reopening.


Kentucky Governor Beshear has begun to reopen the health sectors of the state. On April 27, in person, office and ambulance visits were allowed to continue. Additionally, diagnostic, radiology and non-urgent visits are allowed.
The state plans to reopen the state in phases, with restrictions easing each week for a four week period. This reopening plan will begin on May 11th but could be pushed back depending on COVID circumstances.
Additionally, customers and employees will be asked to wear a mask while visiting/working in essential businesses.


Louisiana Governor Edwards has extended the stay at home order until May 15. Despite that, some restrictions have been lifted for nonessential businesses.
On May 1st, retail stores can open under the condition of offering curbside delivery only. Restaurants will also be allowed to offer seats to customers, but there will be no wait staff or table service. Customers are allowed to sit outside and eat at restaurants as long as the mind social distancing rules. Gov. Edwards has also required all workers that are interacting with the public to wear masks.
Despite the easing of restrictions, Edwards says the state is not near where it should be in regards to new cases, hospitalizations, and testing.


Maine issued a “Stay Healthy at Home” executive order that lasts through at least April 30. Additionally, Governor Mills extended the state’s civil state of emergency until May 15.
The state of Maine has joined its neighbors New Hampshire and Vermont on planning their state’s reopening measures


Maryland Governor Hogan outlined a three-stage reopening plan on April 24th. This will allow a gradual reopening of non-essential businesses, gatherings, and public services. Not giving a clear date, the governor stated that the easing of restrictions may begin in early May if COVID-19 hospital cases decline.
The first phase includes allowing certain small businesses to reopen, outdoor gym glasses, recreational activities to continue, and allowing religious gatherings of limited attendance. Certain medical procedures will be allowed to continue as well.
The second phase allows raising the minimum number of people allowed in a gathering, childcare services reopening, indoor gyms, the return of transit schedules, and bars and restaurants reopening under certain conditions.
The last phase allows larger social gatherings in places like religions services, entertainment venues, and dining establishments along with fewer restrictions on nursing homes and hospital visits.


Currently, the state’s emergency order that requires all nonessential business to be closed ends on May 4th. Governor Baker has informed citizens that he and state officials have begun discussing the reopening of the state but there isn’t a clear plan yet.
Before reopening, the state says they need to have more testing, tracing, and quarantine procedures in place.
Massachusetts is actively working with its neighboring Northeastern states to develop a plan to reopen the economy.


Michigan’s stay at home order extends til at least May 15th. Currently, Governor Whitmer has eased restrictions of their COVID-19 response, allowing some businesses to open and outdoor activities to continue.
Most recently, the governor has allowed landscapers, nurseries, lawn service companies, and bike shops to re-open as long as they follow social distancing rules. Additionally, citizens are allowed to travel between houses and visit family members even though it isn’t encouraged.


Minnesota has allowed some businesses to open starting on April 27th. This order allows 80,000 to 100,000 office, industrial, and manufacturing workers to return to their jobs.
Governor Walz has stated that businesses must create and implement a COVID-19 readiness plan that outlines what measures they are taking to protect their worker’s health and safety.


Mississippi “safe at home” executive order will remain for two weeks and expire on the upcoming Monday. Right now, Governor Reeves urgers all citizens to stay home whenever possible. Any at-risk citizens are required to shelter in place.
State officials have also begun relaxing some restrictions on non-essential businesses if they offer curbside delivery, drive-thru, or other delivery options. Other nonessential businesses remained closed for now.


Missouri’s stay at home order lasts until May 3rd. Governor Parson has stated that he is working with hospitals, health officials, and business leaders to develop the state’s reopening plan.
Businesses will be able to open as long as they keep up the six-feet social distancing rules. Additionally, any indoor retail business will be forced to limit its capacity to 25%. The governor has allowed local leaders to determine if their cities and towns need stricter rules.


Montana began reopening on April 26th, allowing individuals and businesses to have fewer restrictions. Retail and street businesses were able to open on April 27th if they follow social distancing practices and limit store capacity. Restaurants and bars can start offering some services after May 4th while businesses like gyms, theaters, and places of large assembly must remain closed.
The state’s travel quarantine will still remain, requiring non-work related out of state travelers to quarantine themselves for 14 days.


Nebraska state officials plan to relax some of their COVID restrictions on May 4th. Nebraska is one of the few states that issued no stay at home order for its citizens.
On May 4th, restaurants will be allowed to let customers inside as long as they operate under 50% of normal capacity. Businesses like salons, barbers, tattoo parlors, and massage centers are limited to 10 people in a store at a time. They are also required to wear face coverings or masks. Churches will also be allowed to continue worship as long as those attending stay 6 feet apart.
All other businesses like bars and theaters are required to stay closed until May 31st.


The current stay at home order is set to expire on April 30th but Governor Sisolak says the state is currently not ready to reopen.
Despite that, Mayors in cities like Las Vegas have been urging for the reopening of Casinos. Currently, there is no set reopening time or plan for casinos or other similar businesses in the state.


New Hampshire’s stay at home order will remain until May 4th but could be extended depending on the circumstances. The current State of Emergency was extended to May 15th by Governor Sununu.


As of now, there is no expiration date to New Jersey’s stay at home order that began on March 21st. Like many other states in the area, New Jersey has teamed up with its Northeastern neighbors like New York and Delaware to develop a plan on when to reopen their economies.


Governor Grishman has extended New Mexico’s stay at home order until May 15th. After that period, there will be a gradual reopening of some businesses if conditions are safe to do so. The governor states that there is “no magical date” for when the state will be safe to reopen all businesses.


One of the hardest-hit states, New York has some of the most detailed plans for COVID 19. Governor Cuomo’s “New York State on PAUSE” executive order was issued on March 22nd. There is no clear end date for New York’s restrictions, but as of now, nonessential businesses are required to stay closed until May 15th.
The state officials have stated the reopening is going to happen in phases once the state meets the federal guidelines that hospitalizations decline for 14 days. The first phase includes construction and manufacturing businesses to continue. The second phase would be implemented by a business-by-business analysis of risk. Governor Cuomo did state that each phase will have a 2 week period between to monitor the results.


North Carolina’s current stay at home order for North Carolina is extended through May 8th.
Governor Cooper has stated the state could open in three phases if COVID-19 cases continue to decrease. Phase one would be that stay at home orders would remain, but some non-essential businesses will be able to open. Phase two includes the lifting of stay at home orders for those not at risk and the reopening of bars, restaurants, and churches under reduced capacity. Phase three would ease the restrictions for at-risk populations and allowed increased attendance at businesses and social gatherings.


North Dakota has stated that many closed businesses may be allowed to open on May 1st. The state is another one of the few places with no explicit stay at home order and only shut down schools, gyms, restaurants, salons, and theaters.
Governor Burgum says that he is going to follow the federal guidelines in deciding to officially reopen the state.


Governor Dewine’s stay at home order currently extends until May 1st. After that, the state will begin its first phases of reopening but do not have any specifics at this time. As of now, large events with big crowds are not expected to open anytime soon.


Oklahoma began lifting restrictions on businesses as early as April 24th. The reopening plan is a three-phase operation that will progress when COVID-19 data tells state officials it is safe to do so.
Restaurants, theaters, gyms, and sporting events will be allowed to open after May 1st if they follow strict social distancing practices. On the other hand, bars will remain closed.


Governor Brown issued an executive order requiring citizens to stay at home and will stay in effect until ended by her. There has been no official word on when the order will end but some restrictions on businesses will be lifted on May 1st.
This will allow hospitals, surgical centers, and medical and dental offices to resume nonemergency procedures as long as they follow safe COVID-19 distancing and sanitation practices.
State officials say more restrictions will not be eased until the state sees the following: a decrease in the growth of active COVID-19 cases, sufficient personal protective equipment available, large open capacity in hospitals, increased testing, tracing and isolating of new cases, and plans on how to protect at-risk communities.


Pennsylvania is set to reopen the state in three phases that begin on May 8th.
The phases, broken down in red, yellow, and green, will be analyzed and remain in the interest of flattening the curve in the state. Recently, Governor Wolf announced that marinas, golf courses, guided fishing trips, and private campgrounds are allowed to reopen on May 1st under the condition that they follow social distancing protocols.
The state has joined with its northeastern neighbors to develop a plan on when it is safe to reopen their economies.


Rhode Island’s current stay at home order extends until May 8th and is actively working on new measures to open parks and beaches.
Governor Raimondo is actively working with neighboring states in the Northeast to develop a collective plan on how they should open their economies.


South Carolina allowed the reopening of some retail stores on April 20th. This included department stores, sporting goods stores, flea markets, businesses that sell books, furniture, music, flowers, clothing, and accessories. This was done under the condition that the businesses remained at 20% regular capacity or 5 people per 1000 square feet.
Governor McMaster’s State of Emergency has been extended until May 12th.


South Dakota never issued an official stay at home order. Governor Noem stated that despite that, the citizens of South Dakota were staying home at greater rates than states that had an active shelter in place order.


Governor Lee has allowed restaurants and retail outlets to open as long as they remain at 50% capacity. Additionally, some state parks have been allowed to return to business as usual. There is no official word on when other businesses will be able to reopen or have restrictions lifted.


Stay at Home orders for Texas currently extend till April 30th. Retail stores, restaurants, malls, theaters, museums, and libraries will be allowed to reopen on May 1st if they limit to 25% of their regular operating capacity.


Utah’s “Stay Safe, Stay Home” directive extends until May 1st. Despite that, all schools will remain closed for the remainder of the year.
The state has not issued an official stay at home mandate, but citizens have been urged to stay at home as much as possible and restaurants are not allowed to have dining rooms operating. Utah is currently developing a plan for how and when further restrictions will be lifted.


Vermont has a similar “Stay Safe, Stay Home” order that extends until May 15th. Governor Scott has also developed a 5 point plan on how to open the state while fighting the COVID-19 outbreak. Phase one of the plan included allowing construction businesses, home appraisers, municipal clerks, and property managers to continue work on April 20th if they followed social distancing measures. Starting on May 1st, farmers' markets will be allowed to open as long as the social distancing guidelines are followed.


The state of Virginia’s stay at home order is effective until June 10th. Reopening the state will be done in a way that focuses on public health, says Governor Northam.
Limiting state restrictions will be done in phases outlined in the “Forward Virginia” blueprint. Steps include continued social distancing, limited public gatherings, the use of masks in public, etc. The state will begin reopening when data and health experts suggest it is safe to do so.


Stay at Home orders in Washington state currently last until May 4th. Additionally, most parks and recreational areas will be allowed to open on May 5th.
Washington has joined California, Oregan, Nevada, and Colorado in the Western States Pact to determine when it is safe to reopen their economies.


Governor Justice has introduced the “Comeback Roadmap” as an outline of how the state will reopen going forward. The plan contains three phases that are broken up into weeks. Week one allows hospitals to start elective medical procedures and also allows the reopening of outpatient healthcare including primary care, dental, mental health, and more. Daycare centers will also be allowed to reopen.
Week two would allow businesses with less than 10 workers to go back to work. Restaurants with outdoor seating could resume service and church and funerals services could start again.
In the third phase, which is a three-week process, includes retail stores, gyms, hotels, spas, casinos, and other businesses to reopen. Additionally, offices and government businesses could return. Each of these phases would include the required temperature checks and mask-wearing.


Governor Evers’ stay at home order extends until May 26th. Restrictions were lifted on certain businesses like libraries, arts and crafts stores, and other places that provided materials needed to make face masks as long as they could provide curbside pickup. Golf courses have also opened around the state.


Another state without an official stay at home order, Wyoming did request a federal disaster declaration on April 9th. Currently, all out of state travelers are required to quarantine themselves for 14 days until April 30th.



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What Returning to Work Will Look Like in Offices, Cafes and Factories Around the World

Expect lots of temperature checks and one-way routes. ‘As we experienced in China, this will be a journey.’
Wearable social-distancing buzzers. Masked blackjack dealers. Drive-thru electronics purchases. From cubicles to factory floors, cafes to clothing boutiques, businesses around the world are dreaming up creative ways to reopen, attempting to start revenue flowing again while minimizing the risk to customers and employees.
The global economy is riding on their ability to pull off that delicate balance. A new flareup of Covid-19 cases could shutter offices, stores, restaurants and manufacturing plants once again, further choking off the flow of goods and services and threatening more jobs. Some governments, such as China, are providing rigorous oversight of the process. Others, including President Donald Trump’s administration, have offered looser guidance and are entrusting businesses to monitor their facilities. Scientists are still studying how the virus is spread, and whether keeping people six feet apart is enough, adding to the risks.
The companies’ plans rely on a steady supply of masks, gloves, thermometers and tests that is likely to strain budgets and manufacturers’ ability to keep up. Social distancing will be built in, with people divided by barriers and kept apart from colleagues and customers, a U-turn after years of movement toward open floor plans. Some companies will monitor employees more closely than ever before, while others will let workers choose how much protection they need. The way we work, shop, travel and eat in 2020 – and probably beyond – is being plotted out in boardrooms around the world.
Here are the changes companies are contemplating for their workplaces in the coming weeks.

The Office

Seats on the shuttle bus to Unilever’s Shanghai offices can be reserved using a chat group. Employees must be masked to board, and they sit on alternating sides, one person to each four-seat row. Upon arrival, each worker scans a QR code and fills out a health status report to get a daily pass to enter. Then comes the temperature check and the hand sanitizer.
Inside the office, movement is tightly regulated. Employees keep their masks on and are encouraged to use the stairs instead of the elevator, with spritzes of hand sanitizer before and after touching the regularly disinfected handrail. In the canteen, a single person is allowed at each four-seat table.
Such measures might seem predictable in a centrally controlled society like China, but some version of them is starting to appear in the West. At Britain’s former state phone monopoly, BT Group Plc, call center workers sit two meters apart, and walkways are designated as one-way to keep people from brushing past each other. Temperature checks are becoming routine at Sistema, the Russian conglomerate, which also says it’s developed its own two-hour test for Covid-19. Employees who come to the office have been tested in the past couple of weeks, though as many as half of the call center workers at MTS, the mobile network controlled by Sistema, are operating out of their homes.

More Room

Flexible space operator Knotel, which runs offices for corporations including Uber and Netflix, says workplace design has to change. Offices will likely be less densely populated, and altered to make them “antiviral,” according to Amol Sarva, Knotel’s chief executive officer.
“Things like ventilation, UV light, density screening, video monitoring, and temperature monitoring, cleaning protocols — those are all going to have to change,” he said. “Certainly there’ll be more space.”
In China, Cushman & Wakefield has helped move nearly a million workers back into 800 million square feet (74 million square meters) of office space. The company is creating a Recovery Readiness manual for landlords and tenants, based in part on its experience in China, that includes colored carpets to create visual boundaries around desks, plexiglass shields between desks that face each other and signs that direct walking traffic in a single direction.

Fewer Meetings

Even when people do come back to the office, meetings will be limited, and large gatherings are out of the question. This week, Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg canceled all physical events of 50 or more people through June 2021. The vast majority of employees are required to work from home through May, and those who need to carry on doing so will be able to work at home through the summer.
The road to normalcy may be much longer than that. At Abcam Plc, a British protein research company, 40 out of 300 China-based employees started returning to work in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Hong Kong on Feb. 14. Two months later, the company is running split shifts to maintain distancing for the roughly 50% of employees based in manufacturing, logistics and essential lab work.

The Factory

On Feb. 10, Winly Automotive (Wuhan) Ltd. was assigned a checklist from the government. To reopen, the company would be required to have a one-month stash of masks and sanitizer, take a photo of the supplies, and send it to officials before submitting to a detailed inspection. “The policy has been constantly changing,” said Wang Xuepan, one of the plant’s managers. “It’s very difficult for us to handle.”
In the Seattle area, Boeing Co. has worked with the Washington state labor department on a plan to reopen its factories. It will be doling out cloth masks to most workers, saving the gold-standard N95 masks for a select few in more hazardous conditions.
Unlike office drones, factory workers have to show up in person to get the job done. Figuring out what basic protections they’ll need is part of the challenge. At Boeing, industrial engineers are analyzing the sequence of work on its assembly lines to find ways to spread apart workers.

Taking the Temperature

Airbus SE has divided employees at its plants into red and blue teams, who don’t see each other because they use different routes to enter and exit buildings. Volkswagen AG is allotting more time between shifts and reducing expectations for production because it takes longer for people to move around each other at a safe distance. Ford Motor Co. is experimenting with wearable devices that would buzz workers if they get too close together.
While the virus can be transmitted by people with no symptoms, many manufacturers are doing temperature checks, whether with thermometers, thermal imaging cameras or — in the case of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV in the U.S. — reusable forehead strips.
Fiat Chrysler, whose CEO Mike Manley is one of the executives talking with Trump about reopening the economy, is requiring workers to fill out a health questionnaire two hours before reporting to work each day. They must bring either a hard copy, or scan a QR code with their phone, to prove they aren’t displaying signs of illness or exposure to the virus, according to documents obtained by Bloomberg. Workers can’t enter the plant without it.
Some companies are closing cafeterias in favor of vending machines. Dongfeng PSA in Wuhan is handing out prepared lunchboxes to employees, who must eat at least 1.5 meters apart with their backs to each other.
Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. said Chairman Li Shufu wrote a song to keep workers motivated through such dreariness. “A world full of expectations/Turned to dust of yesterday,” the lyrics go. “Their sorrow flowing into the sea/But the flower of love is quietly blooming.”

The Airplane

When air travel resumes in earnest, it’s likely that hand sanitizers, face masks and thermometers will become standard at most major airports, said David Powell, medical adviser for the International Air Transport Association, a trade group. All three have shortcomings, but can also reassure passengers, he said.
The International Civil Aviation Organization, which sets global flying standards, wants to establish a “public health corridor concept.” Under such a plan, major airlines, airports, public authorities and other parties would adopt common protocols for screening, boarding, in-flight procedures, arrivals, customs and baggage.
“We cannot all just stop flying,” Ansa Jordaan, the group’s chief of aviation medicine, said during an April 15 webcast.
Emirates Airline said this week it was the first to conduct rapid Covid-19 blood tests, with results available in 10 minutes for passengers flying Wednesday from Dubai to Tunisia. It plans to extend the procedure to other flights, according to Chief Operating Officer Adel Al Redha.
Other carriers are attempting less invasive measures. Etihad Airways, another major airline in the United Arab Emirates, plans to deploy touchless self-service devices at its hub airport in Abu Dhabi to identify travelers with medical conditions, including the early stages of coronavirus.
In the U.S., American Airlines Group Inc. plans to continue spacing customers apart during boarding and flights, conducting extensive cleanings of aircraft and reducing food and beverage service to limit contact, CEO Doug Parker said in an April 15 video message.
“When you do fly, aircraft cleanliness and social distancing matter greatly,” he said.

The Store

In China, it’s become standard to have your temperature taken any time you want to go shopping. Visitors to the Wuhan International Plaza luxury mall are checked for a fever at the door, before they queue up to be served one at a time at Louis Vuitton.
Levi Strauss & Co. disinfects its Chinese stores three times a day and requires temperature checks for customers, who are expected to wear masks before entering the store. Fitting rooms and products that have been tried on are disinfected each time they’re used.
It’s unclear whether practices implemented in China will make their way to other parts of the world, though several companies said they’ll learn from their experience in Asia.

Drive-Thru Shopping

Another technique is to keep shoppers out of the store altogether. Dixons Carphone Plc, the electronics retailer, is considering plans for contact-free “drive-thru” style stores to limit the risk of coronavirus for staff and customers. Shoppers would park outside, call the store to select items to buy, use a contactless system to pay and then open their trunks so staff could deliver the products.
Salespeople at luxury retailers in China were already using social media to engage with customers before the outbreak, but they’ve stepped up the effort since, adding clients on WeChat and sending them information about the latest trends. Louis Vuitton tried showcasing its summer product line in a livestream show on March 26 featuring a social-media star, but was ridiculed for the quality of the video. Sometimes there’s no substitute for personal contact.

The Restaurant

Buffets and salad bars will be re-thought, and self-serve drink stations may be “a thing of the past,” said Taco John’s CEO Jim Creel, who added that other changes are afoot at the 387-store chain. Taco John’s popular salsa bar — around for the past 15 years — may be removed.
“We hope we don’t have to take them out — that we’ll be able to figure out a way to make them still work — but I’m afraid the fear factor our there will force us to go to a pre-packaged option.”
A test of self-ordering kiosks may also get pulled back. “It was a good idea three months ago, but not so good today,” Creel said.

Phone Pay

In China, restaurants and even bars have opened back up in Shanghai, with varying limits on seating arrangements – some allow six to a table, others only one. In Beijing, restaurants are doing temperature checks. In Wuhan, most places are still delivery-only.
“In the short run, as dining rooms open back up again, you’ll probably see many restaurants space their tables a little bit further apart,” said Jack Li, CEO of menu researcher Datassential. “You’ll see more restaurants try to adopt phone pay. So not having to hand your money or card to anyone. You’re certainly going to see more places continue to do things like contactless delivery.”
Starbucks Corp. is taking a store-by-store approach to resuming business activities in the U.S., with services limited to drive-thru, delivery and takeout via mobile orders and contactless pickup.
“As we experienced in China, this will be a journey,” CEO Kevin Johnson wrote in a memo to staff on Thursday.

The Menu

Chains are cutting back menus, focusing on products that sell best and are easy to make. Romano’s Macaroni Grill has pared down its menu to 70% of what it used to be, saying goodbye to pizzas and calzones recently. McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu is gone.
Fazoli’s Italian restaurant chain is trying to secure Purell sanitizing stations – four for each store — along with “millions” of alcohol-based wipes for re-opening the dining rooms of its 216 locations. The company is also re-thinking bathrooms and looking into touch-less soap dispensers. It’s an investment, but a worthwhile one, says CEO Carl Howard.
“I want to let the consumer know I’m doing everything I can to keep them as safe as possible,” Howard said in an interview.

The Arena

Large public gatherings aren’t top of mind yet in China, but Trump and the people who run the U.S.’s biggest sports leagues appear aligned in their thinking that live games, at least in some form, are a critical part of helping the country recover.
“The progression needs to be open outdoor sports first, golf, tennis, swimming so that we can start to test the waters — that I’m fine with,” said billionaire Mark Cuban, who owns the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.
One obstacle may be local politicians. When UFC floated plans to host an event this weekend on tribal land in California without spectators, it was pressure from politicians, including Governor Gavin Newsom, that led to its cancellation. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has reportedly discussed the possibility of prohibiting large gatherings like concerts and sporting events in the city for another year.

The Movies

That said, there’s billions on the line for sports leagues, sponsors and media networks if the games don’t resume soon. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious-disease expert, has said that that the only way to do that this summer is to close venues to fans and keep all the players, coaches and referees isolated from society.
Cinema owners are also waiting to see when health officials give them clearance to open up. Cinemark Holdings Inc., the third-largest U.S. movie chain, has been in discussions with major film studios about when to release blockbusters again. The chain’s management thinks they could begin bringing back staff starting in late June, then build up a marketing campaign for a broader re-opening on July 1.
The experience won’t be like it was before coronavirus hit. The chain will either have to limit the available tickets for each showing, leaving about half its seats open. Or it may eliminate reserved seating, so customers can voluntarily spread themselves out when they arrive. Cleaning will have to be ramped up, and opening hours may be limited to accommodate the changes.
“How long that will take? We’re not completely certain,” said Mark Zoradi, Cinemark’s CEO, on a call with analysts and investors on Wednesday. “But we’re planning on anywhere from one to three months to light up that engine again and then to begin with higher profile, new product.”

The Casino

Las Vegas casino executives have discussed opening with as little as one-third of their rooms available, with limited entrances where guests’ temperatures could be checked. Casino employees would wear masks and gloves, and gamblers would sit at least a chair apart at blackjack tables.
The moves are similar to what is already occurring in Macau, the world’s largest gambling market, where casinos closed for 15 days in February and reopened under tight restrictions.
The companies are also discussing enhanced cleaning techniques, something unions have requested.

Fun Parks

The $19.3 billion U.S. theme park industry is also making plans, though no one knows when gates will reopen.
When they do, employees may be wearing masks and temperatures may be checked not only at the entrances but inside as well, said Dennis Speigel, a theme park consultant in Cincinnati. Operators may also institute virtual queues, where guests snag a place in line through an app and come to ride when it’s their turn.
“The theme park of the future is going to have to take a much different turn, from distancing to wanding to cleaning,” Speigel said. “I’ve never heard the fear in the voices that I’ve heard. Nobody knows what they’re going to be doing.”
Bloomberg News - With assistance from Thomas Buckley, Thomas Seal, Dana Hull, Natalie Wong, Julie Johnsson, Charlotte Ryan, Christoph Rauwald, Kyunghee Park, Gabrielle Coppola, Shiho Takezawa, Tian Ying, Chunying Zhang, Keith Naughton, Mary Schlangenstein, Justin Bachman, Layan Odeh, Jordyn Holman, Deirdre Hipwell, Robert Williams, Kim Bhasin, Jinshan Hong, Claire Che, Leslie Patton, Kelly Gilblom and Christopher Palmeri.
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Campaign spotlight Ep. #15: High Roller Sisko/Waitress Ezri

Welcome, my friends, to "A briefing with Neelix". Crew spotlight, episode 15!
Campaign numero quatro is Rolling up on us, bringing with it a couple of fun con men. Con..people? Since they're both from the same episode, we'll do another condensed spotlight so the heretics among you can stop reading halfway through.

High Roller Sisko


5/5 High Roller Sisko SEC CMD DIP Overall
Base 1360 (#1) 987 (#72) 471 (#293)
Proficiency 129–325 (#158) 123–270 (#188) 130–270 (#232) #274
Voyage #10 #90 #275 #26
Base among variants #1 #4 #6
+9 accuracy, +1100 to Crit Rating. Trigger: Position
9 Sisko, 2 Captain, 1 Bajoran events


★★ Promoted Sisko
★★★ Commanding Officer Sisko
★★★★ Mirror Sisko
★★★★ Gabriel Bell
★★★★ Dr. Hippocrates Noah
★★★★★ 1701 Sisko
★★★★★ Benny Russell
★★★★★ Captain Sisko
★★★★★ Conflicted Sisko
★★★★★ Enemy Lines Sisko

★★★★★ High Roller Sisko

★★★★★ Niners Sisko
★★★★★ Solar Sails Sisko

Collections and Traits

No collections.
Human, Federation, Starfleet, Bajoran, Cultural Figure, Gambler, Thief, Crafty (8)

Unlockables (700+)



Who wants to talk about SEC?! SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC!
Pros: #1 SEC base. #2 'SEC and CMD' shuttler (fucking Keiko lol). #3 CMD/DIP/SEC voyager.
Cons: Skill set more than three times as common as any other. No gauntlet/arena/collection considerations (yet).
You'd better sit down, I'm going to say nice things about attributes I never give any love to. Top bases are useful and becoming more important. If you're buying Sisko's campaign, I'm assuming you also have requisition shuttles and Faction event considerations. When your pool of bonus crew is depleted, you need stalwarts like Sisko to pilot some runs. Indeed, crew of a certain power level will even surpass super rares with a bonus. And if you don't have the time or desire to mess around with tanked shuttles, Roller will give you a 20%+ better success rate for daily shuttles than any super rares you've been trotting out.
It's okay to invest in great CMD/DIP/SEC crew. You may have some old timers like Captain Sisko or Arachnia fully fused, but Roller is 10-15% better for base and voyages than many old cards. Would you like to take your voyages from nine hours to the ten hour dilemma? There may not be a gaping chasm between choices like you'll find for many of the MED combos, but the CMD/DIP/SEC portion of your roster shouldn't be ignored, especially considering their Faction seat ubiquity. As I write this, the Faction event going on has zero ENG/SCI/MED in the three seat missions, despite seven bonus crew with SCI.
If, like me, you do your best to avoid CMD/DIP/SEC crew since they often fall in your lap (Thrax, Kol, Kortar, Leland), Sisko is one crew you can feel good about investing in. SEC is the most common Faction event skill and 'SEC and CMD' the most common 'and' seat.

I$ he worth it?

If you've ever extolled the virtues of pure base crew like Commander Barak or Lal then Sisko's your guy. If you've ever stared longingly at the voyage ranks day after day and then quizzed yourself on them while walking home oh God what is wrong with me, then Sisko's your guy. If Avery Brooks' scraggly chin fuzz and pearly whites make you weak in the knees, Sisko's your guy.
Even to my fellow value over replacement acolytes, Roller comes highly recommended. He's got the power for immediate impact and the event count to maintain relevance. He may not offer the frills that make other crew so well rounded, but as my high school shop teacher would say, any job worth doing is worth doing well. If you're going to invest in the skill set of doom, make sure it's for a crew who is the best at something, as Roller is.
Finish him?
Yup. With the way the portal winds are blowing, we're looking at 6+ more months of winter for this groundhog and his stats will demand immediate use on any roster. Barring duplicates, I'd be hard pressed to imagine many scenarios where he's not one of your best citation targets once he's 4/5 at the end of the campaign.

Waitress Ezri


4/4 Waitress Ezri DIP MED SEC Overall
Base 652 (#67) 450 (#44) 287 (#196)
Proficiency 193–390 (#27) 162–497 (#11) 47–135 (#188) #27
Voyage #59 #33 #214 #143
Base among (Dax) variants #5 #1 #8
+7 Accuracy @ 12 seconds, deals 200% instant damage.
12 Dax, 1 Ezri events


★ Desert Ezri Dax
★★★ Sniper Ezri Dax
★★★★ Mirror Ezri Tigan

★★★★ Waitress Ezri

Collections and Traits

No collections.
Trill, Costumed, Undercover Operative, Counselor, Resourceful, Federation, Starfleet (7)

Unlockables (700+)

  • [CT.2] Rabid Fans (DIP 125 | 300 | 712)
Undercover Operative/Resourceful:
  • [7.1] Improvised Entry (DIP 167 | 405 | 769)


What's a knockout like you doing in a computer-generated gin joint like this?
Pros: Dax event count. #1 Dax MED base.
Cons: Flaccid stats across the board. Thin late game utility.
Waitress Ezri is one of the names whose reputation is pretty far from what the stats say. I rarely hear bad things about her from players, but rarely good things from the numbers. Generally when that happens, it's because the crew is plugging a hole in a player's roster which needs to be shored up.
But 'just get better crew' isn't always a viable solution. In fact, events in 2019 have only provided four crew with DIP and MED. If you've been around since the Cornwell and BR Bashir megas, you'll likely freeze Waitress without a second thought, even as a casual player. Her voyage power is on the wrong side of bad and her best proficiency roll, MED, is nearly doubled by common super rare gauntleteers Mirror Phlox and Nurse Garland.
Like Admiral Picard from the previous month, however, she has early game utility worth considering - instant ship damage, the uncommon MED skill, a little gauntlet play, and consistent events. If you're someone who uses Waitress every day, give us some roster context in the comments and let's figure out why her rep doesn't jive with the numbers.
A #1 variant base generally answers this question, but as one of only two Daxes to have any MED, seats will be scarce. Her only Faction event in the last twenty months was during Bashir's mega which skewed how many MED seats you're likely to see in the average Dax event. Her 2x bonus MED sits at #26 among non-bonus options, so it may need the 'DIP and MED' seat specifically to pitch in.
She may find work if her bonus and the right event type line up, but with such poor bases, an established roster will likely leave her frozen.

Is she worth it?

At the risk of angering the Dax crowd, Waitress is not for everyone. No collections, great immediate stats, or strong bases to thaw make her forgettable on established rosters. But any 4/4 with MED will be useful for rosters under, say, 6-12 months. I'll defer to her reputation and suggest checking your roster against her numbers and skill set to see if Xentrex Waitress is right for you.

The Story

No ship at warp, no Captain's log? What is this? Oh, right...Deep Space Nine. We're in Vic Fontaine's nightclub shooting the breeze with the boys. Vic starts singing, because that's sort of his thing, when the holodeck suddenly "malfunctions", because that's sort of Star Trek's thing. Vic's transforms into a burlesque show, starring four young ladies who all have their own pages on Memory Alpha. Never change, Trek nerds.
We're quickly introduced to the baddie, a gangster named Frankie Eyes and his bratwurst-looking sidekick Cheech. He just bought Vic's hotel and has a bone to pick with him. 'Look here, you're finished in this town, see?' Miles' attempts to stop Frankie and shut down the holoprogram fail, fade to black.
Back on the station, it's established that the convoluted holoprogram design leaves the crew with two options; delete the bad guys and reset the whole program including Vic's memory, or play along and save Vic from the unemployment line. While the bridge crew mulls over a rescue plan, Captain Sisko interrupts with a very fair question, "When do you [all] plan on going back to work?"
We check in on Sisko and Miss Yates in their quarters enjoying a candlelit dinner. Kasidy is worried about Vic too, but a very not amused Sisko asks to change the subject, further highlighting the dour cloud floating above his head.
Miley and Jules go to check on Vic and hash out a plan, but upon arrival find that Vic just had the stuffing beaten out of him; a little 'warning' from Frankie's boys. They urge Vic to lay low while Decoy Kira and Jazz Musician Odo (redux) go scout out the place, looking for a way to oust Frankie from Vic's home. Kira catches Frankie's Eyes and Odo does a Stretch Armstrong impression, ingratiating themselves to the antagonists.
Their reconnaissance uncovers that Frankie's hotel purchase was financed by his mafioso boss who gets paid back with a cut of the casino's profits. The casino's money goes bye bye, so does Frankie, capiche? The crew divvies up roles for the Great Casino Heist, setting up DB for even more wacky variants down the line, and plant the seeds of their scheme, including securing employment for one Waitress Ezri.
Again in the Captain's quarters, Kasidy is detailing her role in Vic's rescue when Sisko's irritation with Vic and the holoprogram finally boils over [see quotes]. He tells her that the program whitewashes the civil rights struggle and it doesn't sit right with him. She counters that Vic's is the way things should have been in the sixties and a good reminder that humanity has moved beyond such failings. Ben considers her argument as we get back to project #FreeVic.
The crew is ready to pull off The Italian Job, but are one man short. Enter Motherfuckin' Hawk, looking sharp in his vest. The gang go over their clockwork con in detail for the benefit of the audience, including a spiked drink delivered to the casino's count man by Waitress Ezri, a vault cracking by Ensign "Ears" Nog, and High Roller Sisko's big bucks drawing attention to the craps table.
But come the night of the big heist, everything goes wrong. Ezri's drink tray goes kablooie, but a quick thinking Bashir snatches a nearby pair of martinis and spikes one of them. Upon delivery, Ezri finds the casino count man replaced by the literal Chancellor of the Klingon High Council, Gowron, son of M'Rel. Some clever rhetoric convinces him to down the dosed drink anyways.
Janitor Nog runs into an unanticipated re-lock system while trying to crack the safe and Frankie's boss shows up a day early looking for his profits, sending Kira scrambling for a distraction. Sisko obliges, throwing fistfuls of cash in the air and playing the role of flamboyantly generous foreign investor. The commotion gives Nog and Odo enough time to swipe the dough and escape.
An empty-handed Frankie Eyes is escorted out back by a couple of his boss's lackeys to be fitted for a pair of cement shoes and Vic's nightclub program is restored to normal. Sisko, having let his hair down, sings us off in a baritone vibrato. Roll credits.

The Characters

More of a fun ensemble romp than character story, most of the crew were window dressing in this episode. High Roller Sisko, arguably the only player with much depth, was the vehicle for Trek's famous statements on morality. His scenes with Kasidy Yates had him wrestling with the dichotomy of the impact on history that the civil rights movement had and the idyllic, hopeful world that Star Trek often portrays.
And Ezri was also there.


Sisko: Look, this is not about Vic Fontaine.
Kasidy: Then what is your problem?
Sisko: You want to know? You really want to know what my problem is? I'll tell you. Las Vegas 1962, that's my problem. In 1962, black people weren't very welcome there. Oh, sure they could be performers or janitors, but customers? Never.
Kasidy: Maybe that's the way it was in the real Vegas, but that is not the way it is at Vic's. I have never felt uncomfortable there and neither has Jake.
Sisko: But don't you see, that's the lie. In 1962, the Civil Rights movement was still in its infancy. It wasn't an easy time for our people and I'm not going to pretend that it was.
Kasidy: Baby, I know that Vic's isn't a totally accurate representation of the way things were, but it isn't meant to be. It shows us the way things could have been. The way they should've been.
Sisko: We cannot ignore the truth about the past.
Kasidy: Going to Vic's isn't going to make us forget who we are or where we came from. What it does is it reminds us that we're no longer bound by any limitations, except the ones we impose on ourselves.

The Actors

Avery Brooks
Famous in the Trekverse for 'not being Picard', indeed Brooks brought a special and sometimes eccentric flair to his performances on Deep Space Nine. I'm light on his other acting credits which apparently include stage work spanning decades. Educate us in the comments if you've seen him in something else you've enjoyed.
Other appearances: Spenser: For Hire/A Man Called Hawk
Nicole de Boer
The 'other' Dax, but my personal favorite. She was in a previous write-up if you'd like to read more.
Other appearances: Stargate: Atlantis, Haven
Previous episodes: Mirror Jean-Luc Picard/Admiral Picard, Berlinghoff Rasmussen, Temporal Prisoner Chakotay, Irumodic Syndrome Picard, Kivas Fajo, Temporal Agent Seven, Assimilated La Forge/Gunslinger Uhura, Sniper Ezri Dax, Captain Morgan Bateson, Zhian'tara Odo, Timicin, Trelane, Bajoran Dukat, Bestselling Author Jake Sisko
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HUGE FIELD BET WIN! - Live Craps Game #25 - The Linq, Las ... Grand Sierra Resort & Casino, Reno, NV - Burial Vault setup and 10 Tricks Casinos Don't Want You To Know - YouTube Fab Four - The Orleans Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV - 06 ... Abandoned Hot Spring Resort and Aliens in Nevada (Warm ... How To Drill A Shallow Well. Easy DIY Instructions! - YouTube DEALER SCREWS UP - Live Craps Game #19 - the D Casino, Las ... 25 Secrets Casinos REALLY Don’t Want You To Know - YouTube HOW TO ROLL 35+ TIMES! - Live Craps Game #39 - Palms ...

Map of Fourway Bar Cafe and Casino Wells NV. Interstate 80 and Highway 93 Wells, NV 89835 Phone: (775) 752-3344 Fax: (775) 752-3141 Website Book a room now at and receive the guaranteed lowest price! or call 1 (800) 780-5733 discount code: 229560: Fourway Bar Cafe and Casino Wells NV Features ... Four Way Bar Cafe & Casino, Wells: See 37 unbiased reviews of Four Way Bar Cafe & Casino, rated 3.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #5 of 12 restaurants in Wells. Four Way Casino. Casinos (775) 752-2020. 420 6th St. Wells, NV 89835. 2. Alamo Casino. Casinos. Website (775) 752-3344. 1440 6th St. Wells, NV 89835. 3. Gold City Casino Online. Casinos Card Playing Rooms (1) 1. YEARS WITH. Website More Info. Serving the Wells Area. EW. I don't understand what you're asking me . 4. RBR Associates. Casinos Business Management Business Coaches & Consultants. 42 ... Four Way Bar Cafe & Casino: Favorite - See 37 traveler reviews, 2 candid photos, and great deals for Wells, NV, at Tripadvisor. Find opening times and closing times for Four Way Bar Cafe & Casino Incorporated in 1440 6Th Street, Wells, NV, 89835 and other contact details such as address, phone number, website, interactive direction map and nearby locations. NV; Wells; Casinos; Four Way Casino; CCPA. Saved to Favorites. Four Way Casino  Add to Favorites. Map & Directions. Be the first to review! 420 6th St, Wells, NV 89835 (775) 752-2020. Add Hours. Add Website Suggest an Edit. Please contact the business for updated hours/services due to the COVID-19 advisory. Is this your business? Customize this page. Claim this business More Info Gallery ... If you need a good Casino near Wells, contact Four Way Bar Cafe & Casino Inc. Contact them at (775) 752-3344. Read more about Four Way Bar Cafe & Casino Inc in Wells, NV. HORSESHU AMERISTAR CASINO. HORSESHU AMERISTAR CASINO is located approximately 44 miles from Wells. They're one of the best on the market. If you need more information, call them: (775) 755-7777. Read more about HORSESHU ... Get information, directions, products, services, phone numbers, and reviews on 4-Way Cafe Bar & Casino in Wells, undefined Discover more Hotels and Motels companies in Wells on See 7 photos and 2 tips from 228 visitors to 4 way casino. "The food is good yet outrageously expensive and the staff seem less then friendly" 4 Way Casino Highway 93 & I-80 Wells, Nevada Opened: 1954 Closed: No Chip Rack # N4304 Mold - Horse Heads Right

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HUGE FIELD BET WIN! - Live Craps Game #25 - The Linq, Las ...

HUGE FIELD BET WIN! - Live Craps Game #25 - The Linq, Las Vegas, NV - Inside the Casino - YouTube. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to ... Did you know that there are secrets casinos don’t want you to know? Some of the secrets casinos don’t want you to know help them make more money! These are 2... Complete setup,Installation and Wilbert way sealing/burial of Wilbert Vault It was a fabulous show performance by this talented group Fab Four. No CD, no recorded instruments, and no lip syncing performed, it's all LIVE! It's like a rei... Thinking about digging your own shallow well? I've done the research and pass along my findings to you in this instructional video. Perfect for regular or of... Having a flutter 'on red' or playing a few hands of cards can be a great way for your average punter to blow off a bit of steam. But for the casinos, this is... 2500 E 2nd St, Reno, NV, US, 89595 Featuring luxury as well as proximity to downtown Reno, the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino Featuring the Summit Tower is a welcome retreat for visitors to Reno. S3 E17 I visit an Abandoned Hot Spring Resort in Warm Springs Nevada for a soak after driving the Extraterrestrial Highway to get there. SUPPORT MY CHANNEL!... Here's an EPIC live craps game from the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The player rolling the dice is Joe R. (aka "Big Shot"). He is a subscriber to my... Anyone who LOVES watching live craps videos knows that the REAL action is in Downtown, Las Vegas. So, naturally, I had to check out the craps action at the...