Win Masters GR - Verifizierte Bewertungen und 2020 Casino ...

You shouldn't hit on 20 m8

Story of Failure for Casino Master’s and Sport Betting Profs... -Casino memes, sportsbetting memes, blackjack memes, poker memes and everything which makes you laugh. (not only memes)


I HACKED MUSE DASH TO GET A PERFECT SCORE!!!! [ Funkotsu Saishin Casino MASTER ⭐7] submitted by Digikonk to PromoteGamingVideos [link] [comments]

Welcome back to Camelot Casino, Master!

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Casino master

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GTA Online Update Adds Casino, Master Penthouse, New Supercars - Inside Gaming Daily

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Saturdays Casino Master Yom's shop

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Has anyone still not received their casino master penthouse?

Just wondering because I still don’t have mine.
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GTA Online Update Adds Casino, Master Penthouse, New Supercars - Inside Gaming Daily

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Casino Master Yom's shop?

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Boss Fight Against Casino Master Ace

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ISO - Casino Master and/or Drake 遗事 Josh / / Josh 遗事 Drake

I'm sure I've posted about these two heavily here, but figured I'd make an updated one since my last one's out of sight.
Looking to buy either of the two tapes stated in the title; price isn't a problem, so throw an offer my way and most likely I'll accept it.
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Gambling time- oh look, you cheated in front of the manager. Well then...

Completely random prompt that I came up with for no reason except that I was bored and just watched a gambling anime. Here we go.
Semi-official prerequisites before you read on:
-Because this particular one is somewhat specific, being it's at a casino, you'll need a character that likes gambling (or just does whatever at casinos).
-Said character should (meaning 'does not need to') have a habit of cheating in casino games. Whether they're good or bad at cheating does not matter.
Okay, that's done, here we go.
You have decided to go out for the night at the local Aurum Casino. This casino chain is the largest of its kind in the Imperial Federation, with hundreds of properties across the galaxy. You arrive at the biggest branch, the one in the capital city of Anthos, excited to try your luck at the thousands of slot machines, gambling games, pool tables, arcade games, and more of what you'd find in a casino. In the Federation, most wealthier individuals play against each other in the popular game of poker, often betting billions while doing so. Tonight, the casino floor is particularly crammed with (still armed) soldiers celebrating another victorious battle, plenty of notorious gangsters (probably invited by Gold), and a lot of other influential people. You sit down at a poker table, and look at your three opponents.
The one next to you is Gold, the owner of the Aurum Casino chain, and nicknamed 'Casino Master' for his uncanny ability to remain virtually undefeated in every casino game. You remember him, don't ya? Kingpin, right hand man of Death, etc. See previous posts for more info on him. He's a legend at all sorts of casino games, pool, poker, blackjack, he's mastered the whole thing, despite having only the fifth highest IQ in the Elite Guard (and the whole Imperial Federation), at 209.
The second is Blake, who, despite being the Military Police Director (and thus Gold's natural arch-nemesis), still spends quite a bit of time at casinos trying (and failing) to beat Gold. Frequently loses millions of credits to Gold. IQ: 223, third highest IQ in the Imperial Federation.
The last is Intelligence Director Ruby, who, with an IQ of 233 (highest in the whole Federation), would be the so-called 'Casino Master' (thus taking Gold's spot) if it weren't for the fact that he prefers spending hours in his workshop and only comes to the casino when Gold (literally) drags him over. Doesn't mean he's dumb at card games, though.
You begin to reconsider playing against three of the smartest people in this country, but, thanks to your expertise, it's not much of an issue. You all throw in your bets, you betting a few million. You watch in astounded confusion as the others casually bet a few billion dollars, with Gold literally taking off one of his (various) exquisite rings and betting it. Here and there you pull a little trick, occasionally getting a glare from one of the other three. After Gold wins in a smashing victory (and Blake groans as he loses yet another few million), Ruby stands up, whispers a few things to Gold, and leaves without another word. After Blake follows Ruby out the door, Gold turns to you, with a smug look on his face.
And loudly proclaims, "Man, you must cheat a lot. And in front of me, no less!"
At which the crowd of people mingling on the casino floor falls silent and turns to stare at you.
Within this crowd are several of Gold's top henchmen, at least thirty Specialist Corps troopers (just think berserkers), a few mercenaries, and plenty of other people who aren't pleased to find you cheated in a game against Gold. You suddenly remember what happens to cheaters in the Aurum Casino.
What is your next move?
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Hey if anybody needs help mastering the casino hiests then hmu. I know people want to get into it but don’t really know what to do. I’ll help anyone out with learning it.

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Casino Jozz (Казино Джозз) - Бонусы за Регистрацию, Все Отзывы Игроков, это Мошенники?

Casino Jozz (Казино Джозз) - Бонусы за Регистрацию, Все Отзывы Игроков, это Мошенники?
Casino Jozz открылся в 2020 году и тут же стал популярен благодаря тому, что Джозз имеет отношение к таким мировым казино как Play Fortuna и Booi казино. Согласитесь, что эти проекты давно зарекомендовали себя как лучшие онлайн казино, которые принимают посетителей из России и СНГ!
Забрать бонус за регистрацию Jozz казино
С открытия Jozz казино начало принимать массово игроков. Кто то уже снимает сливки, выигрывая огромные деньги. Давайте рассмотрим, что же ждет новых игроков Джозз казино:
  • 30 бесплатных вращений от 10$
  • 100% бонус на первый депозит
  • Jozz может подарить подарок на День Рождение до 12 000 рублей без отыгрыша
  • Пятничный бонус до 50 % и возврат проигранных средств
  • Ежемесячный кэшбэк
Ознакомиться с честным обзором Jozz casino 2020. Там полная информация!
Отзывы реальных игроков Jozz casino
Рекомендуем почитать отзывы тех игроков, кто оставил свое мнение в разделе Отзывы Jozz
Какие платежные системы принимает Jozz casino?
MasterCard, PerfectMoney, QIWI, Visa, WebMoney, Яндекс.Деньги
Скорость выплат
От 30 минут до 4 часов. Кстати советуем заранее проходить верификацию в Jozz.
Игры Джозз казино
Amatic, Big Time Gaming (BTG), Betsoft Gaming, Endorphina, Genesis Gaming, Just For The Win, Microgaming, NetEnt, Push Gaming, Quickspin, Rabcat, Relax Gaming, Spinomenal
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Help with wiring a master volume knob for an epiphone casino

So pretty much I want to add a master volume knob to my casino signal chain in between the pickup toggle and the output. the master volume pot is 500k and I only ordered the pot. I believe I still need to order a transistor of sorts. Having trouble finding much info on this mod online was hoping somebody on here would be able to help me out. Any advice on how to rout the wires or exactly what transistor I should order for the 500k volume pot would be helpful! The goal is to have independent as well as master volume control.
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Help with wiring a master volume knob for an epiphone casino

So pretty much I want to add a master volume knob to my casino signal chain in between the pickup toggle and the output. the master volume pot is 500k and I only ordered the pot. I believe I still need to order a transistor of sorts. Having trouble finding much info on this mod online was hoping somebody on here would be able to help me out. Any advice on how to rout the wires or exactly what transistor I should order for the 500k volume pot would be helpful! The goal is to have independent as well as master volume control.
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Content Summary: June (2/2)

This is the secon part of the conent summary, go here for the first

Content Summary: June (1/2)


Charlotte in her full Glory NSFW
Master's Lover NSFW
Ushiwakamaru spreading NSFW
Jeanne in an Evening Dress
Reines in a Dress
Pale Blue Dot
Guda x Marie
Erice Utsumi got THICC booty (Nishiide Kengorou) NSFW
Murasaki Shikibu, bikini 3-set (Cocq Taichou) NSFW
The Cow Pirate Anne Bonny NSFW
Caenis Warming Up NSFW
All the Nobu(s) are super ready for the summer!
The Tamamo Two
Nagao Kagetora and her smile
Sweater Scathach
Shuten Eating Pizza
Little Red Riding Hood Marie
Lewd Anastasia NSFW
Happy Charlotte
Mashu in tights
Da Vinci's "MIRROR" (Reroi)
Yang Guifei, 3rd Ascension. (Uenoryoma)
Scheherazade (55level) NSFW
Ishtar sippin on a Drink
Cheeky smug Mordred
Suzuka in Lingerie (mashu_003) [Fate/Grand Order] NSFW
Pollux up against the wall NSFW
Maid Salter NSFW
Kimono Anastasia
Paint me like on of your Edo girls NSFW
Mordred in the roses
Bride Scathach (DAMDA)
Nero, Fou, and an imminent wardrobe malfunction NSFW
A very proud Nobu
Summer Mordred's so looking forward for the summer! NSFW
Mashu Is Ready To Celebrate New Years NSFW
Fujimaru Ritsuka The Demon Master
Consort Yu
Sexy Ophelia NSFW
Little Reines
Utsumi Erice
Really Love Marie's new dress here
Jalter in a new dress
Formal Scathach
Very sexy Maou Nobunaga NSFW
A teasing Mordred NSFW
Musashi wants to share her udon
Mordred the professional boxer!
Scathach's Christmas Surprise NSFW
Little Red Marie
Kippoushi Nobu can be cute too!
Nurse Okita is Ready to see You NSFW
Saber Celebrates 5 Years of Fate/Grand Order
Mash in cute dress
Sleepy Anastasia NSFW
Tamamo Maid
Marie in a dress
A blushing swimsuit Olga Marie NSFW
Swimsuit Jalter
Stargazing with Voyager
Little Red Riding Hood Marie
Ah, yes~! Tropical paradise with your summer Servants!
Shuten NSFW
Jeanne cosplays Leina NSFW
Swimsuit Musashi
Erice Shopping With Some Dorks
Bunny Lartoria fixing her ponytail
Chinese-style Anastasia selfie (Akitokage)
Fire & Ice - Jeanne Alter & Anastasia (Akitokage)
Shirou strikes again NSFW
Ishtar with her "Under the Same Sky" wear
Olga Marie in Mash's battle outfit
Summer Tomoe
Erice by kousaki_r NSFW
Maid Scathach NSFW
Lovely Scathach (DAMDA)
Erice Utsumi (Yayoimaka)
A blushing Space Ishtar
Stories for Kingprotea
Young Karna
Jeanne meets Jeanne from Azur Lane NSFW
Lilies in Bloom
Very sexy Okita Alter
Erice Utsumi (Naha78) NSFW
Summer BB playing a hardcore "game" with Gyaru Passionlip (Watosu) NSFW
Maou Nobu At Honnōji
Ishtar and Eresh under the same sky
Wet Erice NSFW
Summer LArtoria by the sea
Marie Alter NSFW
Catmaid Ereshkigal
Leading a revolution makes you sweaty!
Nagao Kagetora's pleasing slingshot swimsuit NSFW
Ibaraki Dressed Up For Sweets Making!
A topless Nobu!!! NSFW
Cute Kadoc and Anastasia
Istar trying Sailor moon uniform in trend
Mashu in the changing room NSFW
Scathach on her Bed NSFW
Lingerie Murasaki NSFW
Kimono Raikou NSFW
Gilgamesh Phantasm
Summer Jeanne d'Arc (Akitokage)
Ishtar and her lovely midriff
Erice Utsumi (55level)
Smug yet sexy Nobu NSFW
Elegant Lolita Marie NSFW
Someone is grobing Cleopatras NSFW
Lalter, the bunny king of Storms - Praise be! NSFW
Crime Boss Scathach
Gudaguda clothes swap
Yang Guifei-chan (Pink Crown)
Deredere Anastasia (Akitokage)
Erice and Voyager
Welcome back to Camelot Casino, Master!
Smug Swimsuit Okita Alter NSFW
Maid Salter
Bride Ereshkigal [CrazyCloverClub]
Swimsuit Musashi (55level)
Formal Mashu w/ a bonus Dapper Fou
Jalter in her New Dress NSFW
The Lewd Goddess NSFW
Artoria ×2 Breast Docking – Saber Alter & Lancer Alter (Zen Hirasawa) NSFW
Mash Kyrielight got some damn THICC thighs (nox13) NSFW
Sexy appealing Maou Nobunaga
Summer Meltryllis
Bunny girls [Bradamante, Scathach, Artoria (Ruler)] NSFW
Hair down Swimsuit Musashi
Cutie Coordinate Cocktail
Shuten and Ibaraki Maid service NSFW
Artoria Maid Alter Paizuri – 2-image set (Zen Hirasawa) NSFW
Twin Sister Beam! (Kumakiti889) NSFW
Embarrassed Ishtar
Vitch Olga Marie
Tamamo marking her territory
Eager Okita Alter NSFW
In Bed w/ Scathach NSFW
Sakura Faces
Smug Nero-chama (Cocq Taichou) NSFW
Ruler Artoria got OPPAI (Uenoryoma) NSFW
Cosmic Voyage
Oni Among Wisteria
Scathatch's new bikini NSFW
Lovey-dovey Lartoria NSFW
Mordred Bride
"I want to be scolded by Summer Scathach-san" NSFW
Chocolate lover
Cosmos in the Lostbelt
A reaper in Master's room
Ryougi Shiki
Jeanne & Jalter
Sei in Lingerie NSFW
Summer Melt
Bunny Hoodie Anastasia
Strategy Meeting
Lovely saint NSFW
Playing With Tomoe's Breasts NSFW
Swimsuit Serenity NSFW
There is Beauty In The Ocean
The Beasts
Artoria Pendragon Lancer (Nakawaga Kanon)
Yang Guifei (Hong) NSFW
Santa Kippoushi Nobu
Wild child Mordred
Summer Okita Alter
King Arthur
Nagao Kagetora
Red Lagoon
Shinjuku Alters
Summer Carmilla NSFW
Casual Hoodie Anastasia
Happy Anastasia
Yuga Kshetra
Musashi's bare back NSFW
Masters Clash
Anastasia at Mount Zaou (Akitokage)
Yang Guifei (Mechamania) NSFW
Mordred Bride
Artoria Showing Off
Bunny Girl Mashu
Anastasia and Marie
Swimsuit Jalter
Smug Nobu NSFW
MHXX × MHX Alter (Watosu) NSFW
Lancer Artoria Alter in St. Louis' evening dress (Zen Hirasawa) [Azur Lane x-over] NSFW
Proto Merlin Design
Carmilla (Nakamura Regura) NSFW
Summer Melt
Proper Examination NSFW
Don't mess with Jeanne Alter, or else...
Okita In A Suit + Hotpants Version
Late Night Burger Run in Shinjuku
Erice NSFW
THICC Mysterious Heroine XX Alter (Watosu) NSFW
Super Dekai MHXX (Wolffeld Price) NSFW
Bunny Mordred
Casters are weak against Riders after all...
Napping Ushiwakamaru
Cleopatra NSFW
Caenis and Kirschtaria
Utsumi Erise by Melon22 NSFW
Mordred's Bubble Tea Challenge
Yang Guifei lovingly staring at you (Sue | Suerte) NSFW
Swimsuit Musashi (Kuavera) NSFW
Katsushika Hokusai
Maid Alter
Going to school in Yuga Kshetra [ReDrop]
Lingerie Yu NSFW
Bunny Hoodie Anastasia
Kama doing her job NSFW
Space Ishtar
Soaked Mashu
Caenis' first time bakery visit
Selfie Anastasia NSFW
Medusa's Beauty NSFW
Fran and Mordred
Maid Waitress Scathach NSFW
Sunmer Anastasia
Quetzalcoatl (Nakamura Regura) NSFW
Sleeping Anastasia (Akitokage)
Happy Birthday, Anastasia! (Akitokage)
Mysterious Heroine Mordred
Cast-oof Hime Summer NSFW
Tiamat NSFW
Summer Meltryllis
Erice NSFW
Bunny girl wars
After A Long Day Of Work
Oni Festival
Mecha Lancer Artoria (TABBTO)
Nero in a white kimono (Yayoimaka)
Smol Mo Made Excalibur To Her Mom
Nobu's panties or Bunny Nobu NSFW
School uniform Anastasia
Swimsuit Mashu, made by my girlfriend
Sleeping Arrangements
Maid Anastasia
Erice and Voyager
Happy Father's Day w/ Mordred and the Artorias!!!
Abigail Williams is all grown up (SpiderApple) NSFW
Gyaru Elizabeth Bathory (Watosu) NSFW
N-N-Nobu!!! NSFW
Swimsuit Larturia NSFW
Happy fathers day
Nitocris's Slip Up NSFW
Barista Nitocris
Swimsuit Carmilla
Maid Waitress Ereshkigal
Mating With Tiamat NSFW
Shipboard date with the Summer Lion King (Hirasawa Zen) NSFW
Gorgeous Tamamo (Untue)
Bunny Avenger Nobus
Hot Gudako NSFW
Tank-top Mordred
Lartoria's summer treat for Master NSFW
Mama Raikou sitting Poolside NSFW
Summer Nitocris NSFW
Arturia and Summer Merlin
Merlin being Merlin
Ophelia Phamrsolone & Sigurd
Swimsuit Ereshkigal (ChiaChun) NSFW
Maid Ereshkigal (ChiaChun)
Maid Ishtar NSFW
Kama Heaven NSFW
Gorgeous swimsuit Okita at the pool
Mash has certainly grown...
Sexy Skadi NSFW
Lazy Meltryllis NSFW
Hot Summer days
Jalter in the Shower NSFW
Artoria Showning Off Her Cool Card Shuffling Trick
Gudako Looks Beautiful
Ereshkigal, Rin, and Ishtar (NA Arva)
Summer Kiyohime as a Saber (Oukawa Yuu) NSFW
Summer Nobu and Santa Nobu NSFW
Nitocris NSFW
Waking up with Serenity
Argonauts on vacation
Bunny Lartoria's elegance NSFW
Press Scathach's buttons NSFW
Mysterious Nun XXX NSFW
Rock n' Roll Daishouri~!
I'm just here to remind y'all that Musashi is Thicc NSFW
Badass Ereshkigal (SolKorra)
Mysterious Heroine XX – "Master, that's not pizza!?" (207loz) NSFW
Mashu working part-time at a Restaurant
Maid Jalter
Swimsuit Olga Marie NSFW
Lingerie model Bunny Artoria NSFW
Marie alter NSFW
Jeanne alter
Smug Nobu in lingerie NSFW
Bunny Artoria NSFW
Jeanne Takes a Wild Ride NSFW
Mashu's Special Maid Service NSFW
I wouldn't mind Jalter sinking those into me...
Swimsuit Eresh NSFW
Master Reines is all grown up! (Watosu)
Wide-mouthed Anastasia (Akitokage)
Ishtar NSFW
Maid Meltryllis NSFW
Relaxing Onis NSFW
Mashu holding Captain America's shield
"En garde."
Scathach in the Morning NSFW
Mordred w/ Lancer Chichiues
Best Snek Rider
Exposed Summer Jeanne Alter NSFW
Sexy Mama Tiamat NSFW
Smug Nobu in red lingerie NSFW
Shuten's Meal NSFW
Shuten in the Changing Room NSFW
Nobu and doggie
Kiyohime Lily (Oukawa Yuu)
Grabbing MHXX's butt while she's eating (207loz) NSFW
Swim Teacher Tomoe Gozen
Dr. Mashu
Red Roses Nobu NSFW
Swimsuit Tomoe NSFW
Swimsuit Mordred w/ Swimsuit Artoria NSFW
Swimsuit Jalter NSFW
Casual Meltryllis
Chinese Dress Raikou NSFW
Nobunaga's Train Ride NSFW
Musashi checks herself out NSFW
Ryougi Shiki
The Strong Waifu's Of Chaldea
THICC Saint Martha (Asakura Kukuri) NSFW
Marital Vows of Rainbow Skirts and Feather Robes (Hitomin | ksws7544) [Yang Guifei] NSFW
Hugging Ortlinde
Lewd Nobu NSFW
Sleepy Nobu
Nurse's back NSFW
Under the Sea
Housewife Raikou Selfie NSFW
Musashi laying by the Pool NSFW
Serenity's Contract
Detective Scathach
Place your bets NSFW
Service Industry Nobu
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Beginners guide: Properties ranked by necessity

Based on Beginners guide: Properties ranked by Necessity by CretaceousFossil. Related: GTA Online property location guide, if you are wondering what the difference is between locations. For moneymaking specifics see /gtaonline's pinned weekly Mega Guide thread.
  1. An Apartment, Stilthouse, or Penthouse: The #1 property every player should have by Level 30 is an apartment. While they may be less effective property for earning money, they definitely have advantages. You can spawn there safely, not having to worry about spawn killing by griefers. If another player is relentlessly chasing you down, even if you own no other properties, you can evade them. And finally, its nice to feel like an actual resident of Los Santos. Also its the only way to do the regular heists as a host.
  2. CEO Office or Biker Clubhouse: It mainly comes down to what you like. You might like the clean, authoritative, high-rise feel of being a CEO, or you might like the gritty, street-level, rock'n'roll style of an MC president. However one or the other, is the second property you should invest in or at least prioritize. With the CEO Office, you won't need to make sure you have your 50,000 dollars every-time you join the game. Although the missions that come with the CEO are monotonous and underwhelming, so many of the other properties on this list require you to be a CEO or MC President to operate. As an MC president you have the ability to spawn in any bike you own, next to you with, no cooldown (except for the Oppressor Mk2); and as a CEO you have the ability to spawn in Organization vehicles (see #Organization_Vehicles on how to unlock them). You can also get free snacks at the Assistant in the Office.
  3. Bunker: If you are beginner or someone who doesn't own a ton of Mk2 weapons or weaponized vehicles, the money is definitely the best part. The resupply missions are fairly easy (but once you have both production upgrades, you should buy supplies), and most of the sell missions without rival players are a breeze. Whenever you are online and you have supplies in the Bunker, it is passively producing. This allows you to do other activities in the meantime. However besides the money, if you wish to own a lot of Mk2 Weapons and maybe a weaponized vehicle, the research does pay off. Also this property allows you to buy an MOC. While the interior may seem like a bunch of gray, drab, ugly, concrete tunnels at first, once you get the golf carts, sleeping quarters, shooting range, upgrades, and the yellow paint job its gives a nice industrial/laboratory feel.
  4. Vehicle Warehouse: Import/Export is one of the best solo money-making methods. There is no upfront cost as with Special Cargo but if done correctly it can still net a good $200k per hour (or more, combined with VIP jobs). The Specialized Vehicles stored in the basement are rather lackluster though, Rockstar introduced much more powerful weaponized vehicles since then, most of them even cheaper and customizable.
  5. (Special Cargo) Warehouse or MC Business: The warehouse's drop-shipping style buy & sell formula makes it the most straightforward and it's a good way to introduce beginners to selling. However, there are definitely some flaws with this option. While the selling yields good profits, if you lose your cargo, your losing time and money. Open-Road Businesses are similar in idea to gunrunning. Steal or buy supplies and wait for your stock to build up. However they don't pay that well, and are obsolete compared to other businesses.
  6. Nightclub: The nightclub definitely has some very good benefits. You get a free Speedo Custom right off the bat, which at first is a "so-so" vehicle, but once you have all the vehicle upgrades, the armor plating, the minigun, and mines, it's a very fun and effective vehicle. While the cargo accrues quite slowly, if you are patient and play the business battle missions, you will have some considerable stock. Plus you can purchase the Terrorbyte, more info on it below. For the Nightclub to be most effective you should own (and run, that is not have it shut down) other businesses, as the stock is generated from linked businesses. Keeping the Nightclub at higher levels of popularity will put more money every 24 ingame hours (48 minutes IRL) into your safe. Every ingame day decreases the popularity by 5% (1/4 of a popularity bar), changing DJs for $10k (once you unlocked them for $100k - this maxes out popularity) will up your popularity by 10% (half of a bar). Or you may wait a couple ingame days and do a popularity mission which increases popularity by 1.5 bar. You can see how much cash gets added into your safe (capacity: $70k) every day:
  7. Terrorbyte (requires Nightclub): The Terrorbyte is a really great vehicle. Besides having a literal base inside in a truck, which is sweet, it is incredibly functional. The missions have awesome pay considering the level of effort/hassle needed to complete them, plus you can remotely launch resupply missions for any of your businesses. If you decide to buy this truck, make sure you have over $1.2m extra, to get the drone station and missiles (though the latter is not very useful), and you if don't own a Mk2 weapon workshop, getting one with the terrorbyte is a good idea.
  8. Arcade: The Arcade provides another passive income (max $5k per day) to the player while also giving the player the ability to host Casino Heists which pay really well if the player knows what they are doing. The passive income depends on how many games are placed, you may even just place the same games in every slot to achieve the highest possible payout, you don't have to buy all the machines. Owning a Terrorbyte makes you able to hire Paige as hacker, which is necessary for good Casino Heist runs to max out the time you can spend grabbing loot (or you may alternatively unlock Avi Schwartzman as a hacker).
  9. Facility: The facility although one of the more expensive properties, can get you some serious cash and XP from the Doomsday Heists, plus the front desk has free snack. This is my favorite property just because of how expansive it is. With the wall designs, color scheme, fully upgraded quarters, and statues you get after the heists, its very aesthetically pleasing and is a good way to impress.
  10. Garage (standalone property): If you are too broke to afford an apartment because you don't that much time to play or apartments are not your thing, put this at number 1 over the apartment as the first property to buy. However although being able to to store cars, garages are obsolete considering you can add garages and garage levels to nightclub, and apartments and the facilities include garages. Also you can't set your spawn location to standalone garages.
  11. Mobile Operations Center (MOC) or Avenger): While both have a better bang for your buck than the warehouse, they aren't that crucial for beginning players. The MOC at first is very barebones and while there are missions that can be launched from it, they require multiple players and can't be launched in freemode. The Avenger can be a useful vehicle for freemode jobs (such as Hangar missions or Facility/Arcade preps) but it's definitely not necessary.
  12. Hangar: If you love flying in GTA Online and want to spend all your money on planes, this is the property for you. However, if you want to make money, it's not a very good option. Crates are only worth $10k each and the missions require some flying skills, and only give 1 crate per player in the MC or Organization, with a maximum of 4. The sale missions also require flying skills, some even more than the sourcing missions and some of them can't really be done solo.
  13. Arena Workshop: With the paint job, decals, and office, the Arena Workshop can be made to look very cool, and with the weapons workshop you can add weapons to vehicles and upgrade guns. You also have access to the Arena War career, which allows you to unlock discount prices for outfits and vehicle mods (albeit randomly, so it's not a very effective model), and the base prices for the upgardes are very steep. This property is over a million, so unless you are planning to buy a ton of discounted items or you just love Arena War, wait out on this one or skip it altogether.
  14. Casino Master Penthouse: Basically a very expensive apartment, with very expensive modular upgrades and decorations. You can also add a 10-car garage for $900k. It also lets you do the Casino Missions (from Agatha Baker) as a host, which upon completion awards the player with the Paragon R (Armored)) car, which is exclusively available from here.
  15. CEO Office Garage: Unless you are super rich and own more cars than you know what to do with, make this property dead last. It costs millions to add more levels. You can add a Custom Auto Shop (for even more money) with it to custom your cars straight from the garage though.
  16. Yacht: Big floating apartment on water, gives you the option to play one extra type of VIP job. Not a priority.
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Anyone needing help with casino heists or dooms day heist or criminal master mind, let me know, me and my friend have done the casino heist a few times and the doomsday once

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Tips and Tricks to Mastering Online Casino Games

Tips and Tricks to Mastering Online Casino Games submitted by CasinoSieger to u/CasinoSieger [link] [comments]

These are the strains GTI have put in the Cannabis Cup Indica judge kit/backpack. MasterKush Casino Kush and Kosher Kush. And I see why they did, because The Master Kush Is God tier!

These are the strains GTI have put in the Cannabis Cup Indica judge kit/backpack. MasterKush Casino Kush and Kosher Kush. And I see why they did, because The Master Kush Is God tier! submitted by Dennyb500 to ILTrees [link] [comments]

Warlock Patron - Master of Games - A Casino inspired patron

Any feedback is appreciated!
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The Irishman is a masterpiece and is nothing like Goodfellas or Casino (which are also masterful, of course).

The Irishman is one of Scorsese’s best works. A brilliant corrective to the gangster film. This is a necessary postmortem on the romance with gangsterism in the 20th Century. It’s incredibly compelling how hollowed out and drained of any human interest De Niro’s character is. This is not what we have come to expect from movie characters. These are people completely emptied out of their souls. We have never seen Scorsese explore these particular themes in this milieu. He hasn’t plumbed such depths of redemption in this world. What redemption is, what it even means to Sheeran (De Niro’s character) and the viewer for that matter. The Irishman is based on a subjective account. One man’s perception, and memories. That being the case, the de-aging is very effective. It’s how memories work after all. You remember people as young and as old all at the same time. It works as memory does, not giving us the exact age of a character or giving us an exact date in time. We are encouraged to look for signs of aging and decline. The film is brilliantly structured and edited.
Unlike the more muscular, sweeping visuals and style of Goodfellas and Casino, The Irishman has a subdued approach. The assuredness of Scorsese’s craft is very apparent in the steady gaze of the film. Sheeran’s incidents and misdeeds pile up with precision, rapidity and clarity until the film comes to a complete halt in the breakfast scene between Sheeran and Bufalino. Before this is an exquisite scene involving Hoffa speaking at a teamsters event. The scene is a masterclass in building paranoia between characters in a room. Once the film halts the audience finally feels the descent that has been taking place. The climactic passages of the film are marvelously pared down. The directing; the style; the tone; the performances; the themes explored and the degree to which they are explored are all very different from Goodfellas and Casino. Even the superficial elements like the cinematography are very different. The necessary weariness is present instead of the buoyancy of those earlier films. The Irishman is a beautiful film, and a devastating one.
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SPREPLAY: Banco Casino Masters XVIII [Final table] - YouTube

Najväčší pravidelný turnaj na Slovensku je späť už v poradí s osemnástym vydaním, ktoré tradične prináša 100,000€ garanciu pri buy-ine 165€. Kto túto investí... Category Sports; Suggested by WMG 90s Rock Hits Playlist ☕🎶📺 Song Give It Away; Artist Red Hot Chili Peppers; Album Give It Away Watch out short recap of the biggest Banco Casino MASTERS 🔥 ever with Paul Zimbler on the mic! 🎙 🎥 Full stream here: 🎥 Our ... Watch the action from Final Day of the 20th Edition Banco Casino Masters 100,000€ GTD. Whos going to be the next champion of poker in Banco Casino Bratislava? Finále historicky najväčšieho Banco Casino MASTERS 👑 je tu a v hre o 25-tisícovú prémiu v tomto momente ostáva 15 najlepších hráčov. 💥Neúspešní adepti na z... Jackpot Master- Free Vegas Casino Slotspaypal games for money - best app to earn gift cards - make money appIf you search the best app to earn gift cards it ... Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Slots Master - Vegas Casino GameCoin Plinko - paypal games for money - best app to earn gift cards - make money appIf you search the best app to earn gift ca... Na poslednom finálovom stole Banco Casino MASTERS malo svoje zastúpenie aj Rakúsko, a to vďaka Markusovi Ganglbauerovi. 🇦🇹 Ten predvádzal počas celého turn... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.