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I saw a shapeshifter

I am hoping that by posting here I may connect with someone who has also experienced something similar or have heard of others who have experienced similar. Here is my story...
This experience happened at approximately 1:20am-ish Thanksgiving morning 2018. I live in SW Washington State and had rented a vacation home in Lincoln City, Oregon to accommodate mine and my sisters family who was flying in from Hawaii for The Thanksgiving holiday.
We had all arrived at the rental around 3pm. About 7:30 pm my son started yelling for me..he said my 1 year old grandson had gotten into my case with my blood pressure meds..and sure enough 1 of my pills was missing..we panicked and called poison control who told us to call 911 asap. They sent an ambulance and took my grandson to a small hospital in the area.
The staff there did what they could but told us they were not equipped for the situation and my grandson needed to be transported to Randall's Childrens Hospital in Portland,Or.
So, on Thanksgiving eve a pediatric ambulance was sent from Randall's to lincoln city..about a 2.5-3 hour drive due to holiday traffic. It arrived around midnight to pick up my Grandson.
My Sons wife road in ambulance with my grandson back to Randall's. Me and my son went back to the beach house to get diapers and clothes and started the drive to Randall's at about 12:30am.
Ok So here is where we encountered something that I and my Son will never forget for as long as we live.
We had been on the road for about and hour and had just passed the spirit mountain casino on hwy 18 and were in the area that was all hay farmland in between Bellevue and McMinnville. The road has 2 lanes only and is definitely a long deserted road especially at that hour of night. The ride had been very emotional as I felt extremely guilty for having packed my meds in a side pocket of tote bag where my grandson was able access it...I was terrified for him and crying. My son was also upset and although he was trying to hide it..I knew he blamed me 😔. is the crazy part...
As we were driving .I noticed my son slightly drifting in the road..he was falling asleep. Twice I asked him if he was ok to drive and to be careful. So being that I was very concerned that he may fall asleep....I was very aware and up watching him and the road...making sure he would not fall asleep
As we were driving down this road going about 55mph...In the distance we both saw what at first we thought was a deer running in our lane of the road..coming straight at us, but within a couple seconds we realized it was not a deer but a golden colored horse. It must have been about 250-300ft away at that point. It got closer fast as like I said we were traveling at about 55mph. As it got about 150 ft away. It leaped upwards and morphed instantly into a giant owl right before our eyes. The wingspan stretched past our lane in the and my son estimate to be between 12-15 foot wingspan. This thing was enormous. As soon as we saw that my son yelled out wtf?? and swerved the car to the left to avoid it and just as he did this, the owl immediately landed about 50 feet ahead of us to our right, in that little area outside the white the bike path area. The owl kinda tucked its head and wings into its chest as if it were scared..or trying to hide. As we drove past it, I got a good look at it out my window and with its head and wings tucked in it still came up to about the bottom of the window of the Subaru. It seemed a little wider than the width of a beach ball. So about 3.5 ft tall and 20-24 inches all the way around the body. This thing was mind blowingly big. soon as this happened it was almost as if a trance came over us. It affected both of us in the same ways. 1. We both did not speak a word the entire rest of the drive at all until we got to hospital. 2. We both lost all feelings of being tired and it felt like a calm alertness and awareness took over. I never even felt the fear he would fall asleep after the encounter. 3. The memory of the experience was crystal clear, but the curiosity and wonder or even awe did not hit us until driving back through the same area the next afternoon after my grandson was discharged. It's like we suddenly both said.."and what the heck was that thing we saw last night"..and it all started pouring out from both of us..the exact same thing that we sons wife was asking us questions about it and we were blurting out the exact same answers... It was mind blowing... Till this day we talk about it and wonder..what did we witness that night. We both agree that this seemed to be some mythical creature or shapeshifter. We both also agree that whatever it was, it was Good and meant us no harm and may have been a guardian.. Or maybe it was something that we witnessed by accident..and maybe weren't meant to see. Either way..Just the fact that we both saw it. I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have seen proof with my own eyes that animal spirits or shapeshifters..or magical creatures do exist. Makes me wonder about stories of fairies and mermaids and pegasus..and Nessie may just be true.
If you got to the end... Thank you. I'm not very good at writing.
has anyone experienced similar?
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anyone else already disappointed by the new radio station?
I haven't heard of anyone on the list. Hopefully the next add-on after Casino Heist will have something else.
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